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Kingsmill Bread Is Rubbish

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Kingsmill Bread Is Rubbish

The world of the premium white sliced loaf is an odd one.

On the one hand we have Hovis. It’s sold as being bread. Not posh bread, just bread. Which is it all it is, really. A bit more expensive, but at heart it’s white sliced, only more so. Nice and moist, fine texture, tastes a bit more bready than Tesco Value, makes a good bacon butty. These are all obviously good things, and it’s what I end up buying more often than not.

And then we have Kingsmill. Launched into the world by the faintly ridiculous ‘Bread and Butler’ advertising campaign, the Kingsmill brand has always had a specifically posh aura about it. This is embodied in the bread itself. Rather than adopt the Hovis white-sliced-only-better approach, it aspires to the condition of your actual traditional square tin loaf ie Proper Posh Bread. It does this by having a drier, coarser texture and, as Dave B points out below, smelling of fish.

Now, the latter is obviously a serious misstep unless you happen to be making fish finger sarnies, but it’s the former that really gets to me. Yes, Proper Posh Bread is a bit drier than sliced white, but it’s also more elastic. This means it can cope with a serious bit of buttering. Kingsmill can’t. Unless your butter is on the point of melting its weirdly textured slices tear as soon as they makes contact with your knife. It’s a sandwich bread that you can’t actually make sandwiches with. Marvellous.

In conclusion: Kingsmill = rub. So why is it that whenever I am forced to do a bit of emergency bread shopping it’s so much easier to find than Hovis? Do we live in a nation of snobs who like their sandwiches torn and smelling of fish? Or is there some sinister cartel forcing corner shops and Paddington Sainsburys to stock nothing but Kingsmill?


  1. 1
    Kieran on 23 Oct 2006 #

    You are not alone in this opinion.
    In fact, I’ve never met a Kingsmill fan.
    Did you put the glass in the bread recently?

  2. 2
    dionne ead on 16 Feb 2007 #

    I think Kingsmill is a wonderful brand which has improved over the years,It doesn’t not smell of fish at all! even their omega 3 bread doesn’t taste of fish

  3. 3
    Vinny on 26 Feb 2007 #

    This comment is so out of date. The new Kingsmill is miles better than Hovis and its got less salt in it which Hovis keep quiet about.

  4. 4
    jona on 27 Feb 2007 #

    The one (not strictly true) thing that’s annoyed me since moving to London is the lack of Warburtons. No more! http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,2020366,00.html
    I even get a choice between blue and orange in my local Sainsburys-in-the-garage.

    I’ve never tried green Super Toastie though. I suspect there’s only 4 slices in a loaf.

  5. 5
    Vinny on 27 Feb 2007 #

    Jona you have more money than sense ! Warbies is 10p more than Kingsmill every time and no better quality

  6. 6
    steve on 20 Apr 2007 #

    Kingsmill bread has had a transformation..Better packaging,Better Quality, Better taste.It’s the Hovis bread thats rubbish.

  7. 7
    acess denied on 1 May 2007 #

    im not keen on Kingsmill or Hovis bread it tastes like it has too much yeast in it i prefer the supermarkets fresh baked bread you know the one the hot loaf fresh from the oven yummy! or i prefer to make bread at home you cant beat fresh baked home made bread

  8. 8
    scottys on 26 Sep 2007 #

    Kingsmill is loads better! Hovis should close down and warbys use lots of chems to keep it fresh

    Buy kingsmill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9
    scottys on 26 Sep 2007 #

    Just buy the Kingsmill its the best. I love the kingsmill.

  10. 10
    scottys on 26 Sep 2007 #

    i love the kingsmill

  11. 11
    Marcello Carlin on 27 Sep 2007 #

    The Kingsmill? Is this a Verve-style brand change?

  12. 12
    Tom on 27 Sep 2007 #

    Don’t interrupt his train of thought!

  13. 13
    Caledonianne on 27 Sep 2007 #

    Another vote for Warburtons – especially Toastie, and the yummy Seeded Batch!

  14. 14
    Marcello Carlin on 27 Sep 2007 #

    I had to try Warburtons once (Toastie variety) when the useless supermarket was out of all other bread. It tasted like Polyfilla I’m afraid. These days I’m more of a New York Bagel toastie man than a bread man, as such.

    The Kingsmill – didn’t they do “Louie Louie”?

    (sorry, someone had to get it in)

  15. 15
    Billy Smart on 27 Sep 2007 #

    New York Bagels, which just taste of sugar to me, are inferior to the Tesco variety. I once read a comparison piece by a baker in Observer Food Monthly which suggested that Tesco bagels were the only ones to boil the dough, as should be done for the authentic bagel experience.

  16. 16
    Marcello Carlin on 28 Sep 2007 #

    I’ll have to try those Tesco ones.

    “Bilsland Bakeries make bread” to thread (there’s one for the teenagers).

  17. 17
    Caledonianne on 29 Sep 2007 #

    Pardon the Weegie talk, everybody.

    I drive past this on the Kingston Bridge every time I’m home, but have never ventured down to have a look at thsi icon from childhood.


    And what about Sunblest as in “He packs his lunch bin a Sunblest bag” (thereby enabling him to save his bawbees for that ship called “Dignity”)?

  18. 18
    Mick on 2 Oct 2007 #

    Kingsmill & Hovis…what a big Disappointment, both breads taste starchy, stale & heavy, when it should be: light, soft & tasty!!

    From now on I will make my own bread or by supermarket home baked too…Shame on you: Kingsmill & Hovis…you consider yourself to be quality…lol!!!!!!

  19. 19
    Mick on 2 Oct 2007 #

    One more thing, when will the supermarkets remove these breads from our shelves, and replace it with the quality that the customers need, want and deserve…we have our standards!!

    Why pay for junk when you can do better yourself??


  20. 20
    Dr Tom on 4 Oct 2007 #

    What about Allinson and Burgen? Are these not quality breads??

  21. 21
    John Sways on 22 Dec 2007 #

    Oh, where did Mothers Pride go?

  22. 22
    Mike Davis on 8 Feb 2008 #

    Kingsmill was brill bread around hear until a couple of years ago. That is until after they had swept away all the opposition from the local shops. It was firm and fine textured and was sold as a premium brand.

    Then things went rapidly down hill. Now all you can get is their “Great Everyday” loaf. Now it’s rubbery, misshapened and full of holes with an india rubber crust.

    The white Hovis also seems to be from the same stable with similar faults.

  23. 23
    Joss on 12 Sep 2008 #

    I am amazed at these comments!

    Kingsmill, Hovis, Allisons?

    These are all low grade flours full of flour treatments then manufactured into tasteless, revolting items of modern nasty food.

    What about hand crafted loaves from fine Cotswold Flours? Or delicious French bread (not the supermarket impersonations) made from slow grown, untreated wheat varieties?

    How about Ciabatta – not what you guys eat, but what the Italians eat and expect daily. A starter dough fermented for at least 24 hours, then mixed into a very wet dough, lightly shaped (too wet to kneed) then baked in very hot ovens.

    Please, please, please – support proper bakers! And not the atrocities that the supermarket sells! (And that includes their in-store bakeries) Companies like Warburtons, Kingsmill and the supermarkets are killing traditional, wonderful foods for their own profits. Please don’t help them.

  24. 24
    Steve on 16 Dec 2008 #

    How can you all read this rubbish. Its a none fact that Kingmill has less salt than any other leading brand of bread. Also (LOL) the oven baked bread that makes the store smellso lovely is KINGSMILL Frozen dough shipped and baked on site!!! Oh to be as stupid as you.

  25. 25
    bruce on 20 Jan 2014 #

    One day left on loaf sainsbury stores on kingmill bread should never put on shelves take my shoping eles ware no pride in there serivces think we are all mugs

  26. 26
    Tom on 21 Jan 2014 #

    Oh man I hope this means we’re back in the Kingsmill search rankings again. Great thread.

  27. 27
    Elvis on 25 Oct 2014 #

    Kingsmill Honks, its not just a one off or a duff batch, its been going on for years and years, I can identify Kingsmill by smell alone, and it does not smell like bread, it does not smell of fish either, it a horrendous chemically smell, when you open the packet you get a face full of odour like toilet cleaner or embalming fluid, attempting to eat it is even worse, it doesn’t taste of bread, it tastes of the chemical that it smells of.
    however it lasts longer than other breads, it stays soft and it doesn’t go mouldy, could be why its always available, and the chemical could be a nasty preservative in a secret formula.

  28. 28
    LeeJS on 5 Feb 2015 #

    I quite like the bread but Kngsmill bagels are disgusting. I don’t know how they get away with calling them bagels because they’re just shaped bread. Bagel dough is boiled to give it the chewy texture. These things clearly aren’t and just taste like cardboard.

  29. 29
    Thomas on 21 May 2015 #

    Warburtons is by far the best bread brand in the country, Kingsmill & Hovis are utterly disgusting. In fact i would rather eat a 4 week dead horse with flies and maggots coming out of all of its crevices.

  30. 30
    Legend on 22 Oct 2015 #

    Thomas. Fuk of m9 or I wil cap u nd shit on ur body wit my cleen shit nd then frow more shit on u cld warburtons bred u fukin twat fuk

  31. 31
    thefatgit on 22 Oct 2015 #

    Naht ah meen, Bredbin? (Couldn’t resist)

  32. 32
    Adam Bolton on 22 Nov 2019 #

    Where I live the Warbrton deleivery is after midday, it is 50% more than nay other bread, I found a foriegn body in one packet, in several I have found it had a hole that would fit a rat. What did Warbutons do? gave me vouchers for a new loaf Johnathan Warburton you can stick that loaf up your………. You were only voted the 3rd best! You customer service is the 1st worst! I will buy Kingsmill & Roberts from now, better bread better service and 50p a loaf cheaper! Since changing to Kingsmill and no other dietary, or lifestyle changes I have lost half a stone, I have saved nealry £25 and thats in a month, what is more I can go and the Kingsmill id delivered fresh on time, widely available, for breakfast whereas Warburtons was 50p a loaf more expensive and would never arrive before 2pm! What the hell is the point of having stale bread? Also the Warburtons Farmhouse I had to buy a special toaster which was rubbish except for Warbutons for at £78! Now I can use any toaster, and it is perfect and to make a toasted sandwich they fit in the maching and not fall apart like the crappy Warburtons!

  33. 33
    Red Robert on 7 May 2022 #

    Screw you and your rubbish sense of smell.

    Kingsmill is leagues above that foul tasting atrocity known as Hovis.

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