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Publoggers Deadly Sins No. 1: Not drinking.

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Publoggers Deadly Sins No. 1: Not drinking. So in the midst of a pre / post Xmas / New Year fug I decided to quit drinking for the month of January. Then I chickened out and plumped for 2 weeks taking it one day at a time. Then I realised this was too AA and returned to Plan A. So for the whole of last month I touched not a drop of booze.

I still went into pubs and bought rounds. But I did it all sober. The first time I was in a pub I totally forgot the round which never happened when I drank proper drinks. The worst part of it was realising how rubbish pubs are at providing for non-drinkers, which I suppose is fairly logical, I mean gyms don’t make provisions for people without legs. I got heartily sick of sweet icky soft drinks. Fizzy drinks – too sweet and gassy; fruit juice – too acid; tomato juice – too Dot Cotton; lime and soda – yuck; water – too puritanical. Thank God I’m now back in the world of alcohol and white wine which was what my poor body craved for 31 long days. But now I am armed with a terrifying insight into the world of My Mates When Pissed, and I fear things will never be the same again…

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