Mar 10

Pop World Cup – Find Us On Resonance FM 104.4

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Fans of the Radio Roundup, do not despair – we haven’t gone away entirely, we’re just moving to Resonance FM 104.4 on Saturdays at 4pm, where we’ll be covering the matches currently in progress instead of giving you results on songs you already heard and voted on like a week ago.

If you’re in London you can tune to 104.4 on your FM “dial” and see if you get anything; everyone else can get the live stream at Resonance FM‘s web site.

So once again, that’s Saturdays at 4pm on Resonance. See you there!


  1. 1
    Alberto on 22 Mar 2010 #

    IS the Resonance FM coverage of the PWC also available as a podcast for those of us who are unable to listen to it live? Couldn’t find it on their website.

  2. 2
    Tom Schaller on 25 Mar 2010 #


  3. 3
    logged-out Tracer Hand on 26 Mar 2010 #

    We’ll be resuming the podcast starting tomorrow! Each week the new show will go up on Saturday. Thanks for the nudge!

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