Aug 16


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Real life almost did for Popular this time – writing about the glittery 00s boom in 2016 felt like, well, writing about the jazz age in 1937 might have. Plus I had a book about social media research to write for work (out in downloadable PDF form from the IPA in September, if such is your bag).

But you can’t keep a good project down, so I got over myself, and I’m taking up the reins again with a Robbie and Nicole entry (up today), a POLL (scheduled for tomorrow) and then… well actually, silence for a week, as I’m off to the Canaries on holiday. But once I come back I’m going to get the gears grinding again. Forward into 2002!


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    AMZ1981 on 18 Aug 2016 #

    Welcome back Tom! Obviously there are more important things in life than blogging but I’m glad Popular didn’t stop at Daniel Bedingfield. I agree that 2001 is relatively recent history for most of us but at the same time a marketing climate where Robbie Williams and Gordon Haskell could have the two biggest selling singles belongs very much to a bygone era.

    Enjoy your holiday and I’ll look forward to revisiting 2002 in the months that come.

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    Martin F. on 19 Aug 2016 #

    This is Very Good News indeed. Welcome back!

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