Sep 09

Good Night Sweet Plinth*

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*thankyou Mark.

Mike TD – a comments box regular – was ON THE PLINTH in London’s Trafalgar Square on the 17th. Here’s what happened.


  1. 1
    mike on 17 Sep 2009 #

    Haha, I was just about to leave a self-promotional comment to that effect – thank you, Tom!

    Statistical note: Of the twenty songs that I’ll be dancing to at 6pm this evening, drawn from the past four decades of pop, seven are former UK Number Ones (plus an eighth that topped the charts as a cover version) – but only one of them has been discussed on Popular to date.

    I’m doing it for Art. Hoping that you will all be suitably nourished and elevated by the experience.

  2. 2
    lonepilgrim on 17 Sep 2009 #

    fantastic – any chance some one can youtube the Sky Arts feed and link to this site?

  3. 3
    Tom on 17 Sep 2009 #

    Yeah if it turns up on YT at all I will happily embed it here. As it stands I’ll delete this entry after Mike’s had his star turn.

  4. 4
    CarsmileSteve on 17 Sep 2009 #

    they archive all of the plinthers on the oneandother website:


    so it doesn’t matter if you miss the live feed.

  5. 5
    punctum on 17 Sep 2009 #

    Sadly L & I won’t be able to make it – today is L’s first day back at work after her op and she’ll need to take things a wee bit easy this evening – but the best of luck old bean and I’m sure yout twenty picks are all golden greats (we’ll catch up with the whole thing on the line)!

  6. 6
    mike on 18 Sep 2009 #

    The whole hour is archived here: http://www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/miketd

  7. 7
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 18 Sep 2009 #

    good night sweet plinth


  8. 8
    Alan on 18 Sep 2009 #

    He’s on the plinth – and he is funky

  9. 9
    Erithian on 18 Sep 2009 #

    A marvellously entertaining evening was had by all – congratulations Mike for being the epicentre of it. Kicking off with “Stuck in the Middle with You” and finishing with “Together in Electric Dreams”, by way of a mix taking in Gaga, La Roux and, er, Barry White, he was responsible for putting a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. Several people were joining in, and by no means all of them were wearing headphones…

    A lovely mix of family, friends and blog followers were getting acquainted down in the square, and when it was over most of us followed “the artist formerly on the plinth” over to the Ship and Shovell, where things got pretty surreal. I was at the bar getting drinks for a couple of Populistas, when several members of the crew of Channel 4’s “Time Team” walked in – they’d just finished a dig at Westminster Abbey. I’m a fan of the show, and my twins are very keen on it, and very pleased that I got the autographs. If you did a Venn diagram of people who would come and see Mike dancing in Trafalgar Square, and people who would enjoy meeting Time Team, I’m not sure how many would be in the intersection – but let’s just say I had a cracking evening. Thanks a lot Mike.

  10. 10
    mike on 18 Sep 2009 #

    Great to meet you, Erithian – and also, amongst many others, Steve Mannion of this parish, and Matt DC from the parish next door. Next month’s Club Popular now feels a whole lot less socially scary…

  11. 11
    JimD on 20 Sep 2009 #

    Wow, great! And that moment at the end with the water bottle was perfect comedy.

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