Feb 09

Bunny Through The Looking Glass

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Popular is on a brief hiatus while I play in the snow.

But here’s something to have fun with in the meantime (if you live in the UK, and are on Spotify!)

Bunny Through The Looking Glass is a collaborative playlist in which you can upload cover versions and remixes of No.1 hits. There are only two rules:

1. Only versions of songs that I’ve already written about on Popular. (I’ll delete later ones)
2. As far as possible try to move them to the right chronological bit of the playlist.

That’s all! Have fun with it!


  1. 1
    Pete Baran on 3 Feb 2009 #

    I shall stuff it with tat forthwith. Though I have just remembered the Black Box Recorder Up Town Top Ranking, I wonder if that’s there.

    It is!

  2. 2
    Tom on 3 Feb 2009 #

    That Erasure “Take A Chance On Me” is embargoed, sorry whoever put it on!

  3. 3
    Pete Baran on 3 Feb 2009 #

    Yes, slight clarification. Covers which in themselves were number ones are embargoed.

  4. 4
    SteveM on 3 Feb 2009 #

    What about original versions of #1s e.g. Gloria Jones, Paragons?

  5. 5
    mike on 3 Feb 2009 #

    Oh goody, more excuses to muck around on Spotify. That’s this evening taken care of!

  6. 6
    Tom on 3 Feb 2009 #

    #4 yes!

  7. 7
    lonepilgrim on 3 Feb 2009 #

    can someone remind me how to get in to spotify again? Can it be used on macs?

  8. 9
    Tom on 3 Feb 2009 #

    I think so!

    I have Spotify invites if they’re still needed, by the way.

    THE MEDLEY THAT SHOULD NOT BE: http://open.spotify.com/track/0BB34nnF2XZ0YduHWHBDDl

  9. 10
    a logged-out pˆnk s lord whatnot on 3 Feb 2009 #

    yes it’s ok on macs

  10. 11
    Pete Baran on 3 Feb 2009 #

    It sounds like the kids want to kill themselves in that by the two minute mark.

  11. 12
    Tom on 3 Feb 2009 #

    Siouxsie doing Oh Mein Papa = k-scary.

  12. 13
    johnny on 3 Feb 2009 #

    wouldn’t mind a spotify invite if anyone’s feelin’ generous..

  13. 14
    crag on 3 Feb 2009 #

    feel bad asking as i’ve not been around here much of late(boring personal stuff) but are there any invites left?
    ps enjoy the snow!

  14. 15
    mike on 4 Feb 2009 #

    OMG, the flamenco version of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”….

  15. 16
    CarsmileSteve on 6 Feb 2009 #

    (needs emails to send invites to innit, but happy to oblige ;))

  16. 17
    vinylscot on 8 Feb 2009 #

    Just been on and added about 40 tracks to the playlist. Hope you enjoy them as much as I’ve been enjoying some of those added by others.

    I don’t know what’s better – finding an undiscovered gem, or cringing at some of the more pathetic (and pointeless)efforts!

  17. 18
    vinylscot on 12 Feb 2009 #

    As of earlier this week, UK based users do not need an invite to join and use spotify. Just go to their site and sign up! I have totally lost my last three evenings!

    Also Tom, I think some of the problem with tracks being in the wrong order may be down to me – I apologise. As a cheapskate free user I can not find any way to order the playlist chronologically. Is it simple, or do I need to be a paid subscriber to do this?

  18. 19
    Pete Baran on 12 Feb 2009 #

    Drag and drop. Like a playlist elsewhere.

  19. 20
    Tom on 12 Feb 2009 #

    #18 no worries VS – better have the great finds up there in the wrong order than not at all! Any users can move tracks around (or delete them I think – but don’t do that please!)

  20. 21
    lmm on 25 Jan 2014 #

    A pity I couldn’t find Nirgilis’ Sakura (the most interesting Amazing Grace remix I know), but one can’t have everything.

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