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THE LOVE AFFAIR – “Everlasting Love”

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#243, 3rd February 1968

Spot the drummer

I don’t normally go into the “making of” stuff on Popular, but this one is a great little snapshot of the 60s pop biz at work. The band formed as a rich man’s present to his aspirational drummer son – all photogenic teen boys, they worked their way round the London soul clubs, looking for a breakthrough, found it in this song. They could play a bit, but didn’t on this record – or any of their other hits. “Everlasting Love” struggled in the charts, was helped along by the band getting into trouble for climbing the Piccadilly Eros, and also by the £200 that Dad – a handbag magnate – slipped to Radio Caroline for airplay. It hit number one and the band were hearththrobs for a year, then vanished. Perfect.

The record’s pretty great, too. The label surely made the right decision ignoring the demo (on which the Love Affair actually played) in favour of sessionmen a full orchestra – in contrast to a lot of over-arranged 60s hits, “Everlasting Love” is tightly and smartly constructed: every element is there simply to make the record more exciting – the sudden stop and whistling breakdown before the climax chorus, the bass, the brass. None of it gets in the way of Steve Ellis’ vocal – the only member of the band on the hit, he puts in a fantastic performance. He’s taking his cues from soul music, but Ellis was only 18, which shows not in any fluffs or mis-steps but in a tremulous hoarse intensity – as the chorus hits again and again, he nails the overwhelming urgency of teenage love superbly. What you get is ruthless studio craft allied to hormone rush: classic boyband formula.



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  1. 91
    William D Latorres on 13 Oct 2019 #

    If the band toured 4 straight years without a break, does any live footage exist?

  2. 92
    John Piper on 21 Oct 2019 #

    Sorry to read about Fergie’s passing. I found this site trying to find out who the dancers in the video were! Which one is the Austrian girl? Strange how nobody can give a name to the two girls in the video! Love the song, all-time classic, and frankly, does it matter it was session-recorded? Ellis gave a great performance, after all. Cheers.

  3. 93
    Jack Stephenson on 17 Nov 2019 #

    Great video and song I think the Chaplin girl was Austrian but I don’t know who the other lady was but they were both brilliant sorry to all the family of fergie for their loss

  4. 94
    Kevin Ferris on 20 Dec 2019 #

    Often wondered who the long haired girl dancing is in this video. She is very pretty and just how I remember the girls back then (happy days). In my opinion the song has one of the best intros and brings back many happy memories for me. A big thank you to all those involved!

  5. 95
    Jessie McGuinty on 18 Jan 2020 #

    I recently found the video on YouTube ..of Steve Ellis singing “Everlasting Love”. It is now my favorite version! I loved the way he was singing his heart out…even loved the way he was moving his guitar around! What a voice.. and cute as a button! I am from the USA. Watched a more recent video of him and he still has that incredible voice and still nice looking! God bless,Steve Ellis!

  6. 96
    Adrian Wykes on 27 Jan 2020 #

    Scmidinger she is, indeed; memorable cabaret.
    My sister’s band Dolly Mixture had old Love Affair drum cases!

  7. 97
    Torsten Meininger on 29 Jan 2020 #

    While we agree that the Chaplinesque girl with glasses is Dolores Schmidinger, there seems to be still uncertainty about the long-haired woman dancing in the back. On the comment section of the Youtube promo video, some people claim it would be Steve’s mother. However, with no source for this mentioned. With regards to people denying this by saying ” she is too young”, I would actually say that it might very well fit – although she looks definitely much younger than she probably was at the time of the video being shot. Does anyone know when and where the video was filmed?

  8. 98
    Lee Brown on 13 Apr 2020 #

    Love Everlasting love what a great clip thought Steve Ellis was amazing. Who was that gorgeous girl dancing in the clip?

  9. 99
    Steven Enstone on 7 May 2020 #

    Hi , as with other people asking in previous comments about who was the long haired blonde girl in the Everlasting Love video , its been bugging me for a while and cannot seem to find out anywhere ..be great if someone could say who it was and put my mind at rest …how about Mr Ellis ? many thanks

  10. 100
    BOB HIND on 13 Oct 2020 #


  11. 101
    Andrew F on 14 Oct 2020 #

    Barbara Bach would have been 22 in 1968 – I think the lady in question looks at least a little older?

    More to the point, here’s BB in 1968 in L’Odissea – no resemblance that I can see


  12. 102
    Steve on 13 Dec 2020 #

    Read somewhere the long haired lady was Susan Mathews

  13. 103
    Fran on 1 Mar 2021 #

    Just found this info so I thought I’d pass it on
    Tony B says:
    October 27, 2020 at 10:47 am
    The long haired dancer: Susan Matthews.

    Steve Clayton says:
    December 26, 2020 at 1:54 pm
    Susan Matthews was stunning – looked a bit like Brit Ekland

    Michael Grella says:
    December 31, 2020 at 6:34 pm
    Steve Youre a Major stud in the everlasting love video Woof! With that being said youre an Awesome singer. I just found out about you and your band yesterday!! lol Im 57 where was I?? In my defense I was 5 when you had your everlasting love hit! I watched all your videos on youtube! Great Stuff. Your everlasting love song touched my heart not many artists do that. I actually had a tear in my eye and Im not sure why!! Add me to the list of your many fans

  14. 104
    Dennis Falzon on 24 Apr 2021 #

    I stumbled on this Forum and am surprised to find that I am not the only one intrigued as to the identity of the pretty long haired Lady dancing in the background, Sad and unfair that only the Chaplinesque lady got a mention on the video actually I found her rather off putting . Would love to know with certainty the true identity of the Long haired Lady. It;s about time she was given her due, she’s been anonymous for far too long. Oh and yes Everlasting Love will always be one of my Top Favourites. Thanks

  15. 105
    Simon Phillipson on 24 Apr 2021 #

    I think Tom is on the money here. 8/10 is about right for this appealing piece of late 60s pop.

  16. 106
    Gareth Parker on 30 Apr 2021 #

    I agree with Tom’s mark here. I like the Love Affair and Steve Ellis’ voice always sounds good to me.

  17. 107
    keith greenhalf on 8 Aug 2021 #

    It’s amazing the algorithms that Youtube throws out, but when I put the music on YT this single always pops up. I’m now intrigued by the video. The dancers certainly are an amazing insight into 1960’s pop culture. I can remember the song as a small boy and it’s just wonderful.

  18. 108
    Martin on 12 Aug 2021 #

    Does anyone know if Russ played on ‘I’m just a baby’ by Louise Cordet?
    Like J’taime, it has a wonderful bass sound.

  19. 109
    Dr Geoffrey basil smith on 8 Oct 2021 #

    Who is Susan Matthews ? Where did this name come from ?

  20. 110
    Bob on 12 Oct 2021 #

    The long Haired cutie is a very young Karen Black.

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