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EVERLY BROTHERS – “Walk Right Back”

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#114, 4th March 1961

The Everlys’ creamy harmonies, while gorgeous, can’t really lend this slushball lovers’ plea much urgency – luckily the arrangement picks up some slack by turning the chorus into a stomp before the track drowns in wimpitude. Highly accomplished pop whose politeness seems typical of the time.



  1. 1
    Joe Williams on 29 Aug 2005 #

    Another double A-side here – so you ought to have reviewed ‘Ebony Eyes’ too.

  2. 2
    richard thompson on 7 Jun 2008 #

    Jimmy Savile said on his old record club it was his idea for this to be the A side.

  3. 3
    Mark G on 4 Jun 2009 #

  4. 4
    wichita lineman on 4 Jun 2009 #

    Apparently Jerry Allison of the Crickets playedthem his half-finished tune and said he’d be back the next day with more. Too late! The boys loved it as was and cut it on the spot. Odd structure, then
    , that goes:

    First verse/chorus/repeat first verse/chorus/stop.

    Alma Cogan’s Dreamboat does the same, but probably no other Popular entry.

    Re 2: Ebony Eyes was certainly the A-side in the US so it could even be true. Andy ‘Wipeout’ Wickham, the Etonian surf nut who handled Andrew Loog Oldham’s press in the 60s, considered Ebony Eyes to be the ultimate pop single, and the subject matter the most beautiful girl in the world. But it’s always been a bit rich for me, one spoken verse too many.

  5. 5
    Pete Baran on 4 Jun 2009 #

    I think its lucky that this wasn’t in the satchel, as whenever I hear it I think its only five revolutions away from just being a Chipmunks record!

    The Honeycombs Have I The Right seems to owe its chorus at least partially to Walk Right Back.

  6. 6
    richard thompson on 30 Mar 2012 #

    Joe Meek appeared to copy a lot of things, I’ve never cared for death discs either.

  7. 7
    hectorthebat on 2 Mar 2014 #

    Critic watch:

    Bruce Pollock (USA) – The 7,500 Most Important Songs of 1944-2000 (2005)
    2FM (Ireland) – Top 100 Singles of All Time (2003) 81
    Mojo (UK) – The Ultimate Jukebox: 100 Singles You Must Own (2003) 15
    Gilles Verlant and Thomas Caussé (France) – 3000 Rock Classics (2009)

  8. 8
    lonepilgrim on 17 Mar 2014 #

    the opening riff to this seems naggingly familiar – I realised that Neil Young uses something similar for ‘Harvest Moon’.
    The success of this record for me is down to the arrangement. Incredible harmonies from the brothers Ev – particularly the high harmony from ‘don’t send it’ onwards and great drumming.

  9. 9
    Gareth Parker on 9 Jun 2021 #

    Not too shabby from the Everly’s. 6/10 for me.

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