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VIC DAMONE – “On The Street Where You Live”

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#72, 27th June 1958

This was on our University bar jukebox and was a favourite with the rugby boys. They probably liked that massive bellowing erupting chorus: certainly “On The Street’ muscles in hard on your ears. It’s ridiculous but effective – and though to my dainty modern ears Vic is overplaying his hand, the song does capture the random surges of bliss that happen when a romance comes together. “People stop and stare” – maybe he’s singing it in the street! I’m sold, anyhow. Pop styles sometimes get more baroque and bloated as they lose their commercial grip – revivals aside “On The Street” is one of the last of the big crooning ballads to hit the top, a final holdover from the Al Martino era and the charts’ beginning. It swaggers so much you might almost have believed rock and roll hadn’t already won.



  1. 1
    liliana sugobono on 11 Mar 2008 #

    Vic Damone is a name I always read about in the e mails I receive at my radio program’s site in Lima Perù. People love his style his voice and of course his songs. I wish Vic would be so kind as to send a hello for my radio program. Could you arrange this?Thanks
    Liliana Sugobono
    Algo muy Especial
    Lima Perù

  2. 2
    Erithian on 12 Mar 2008 #

    Hi Liliana – this website couldn’t arrange a message from Vic Damone, but a quick Google search shows that he has a website – http://www.vicdamone.com – and you can contact him by emailing vic@vicdamone.com . Good luck!

    (Tom, how does it feel to know people in Lima are reading this?!)

  3. 3
    Tom on 12 Mar 2008 #

    When I get a message from Paddington’s Great-Aunt, then I’ll be impressed! :)

  4. 4
    Billy Smart on 27 Apr 2009 #

    Light entertainment watch: Vic Damone is well represented in the TV archives. Of the shows on this list, only ‘Talk Of The Town’ didn’t survive;

    KAREN KAY: with Vic Damone (1984)

    LIVE FROM THE PALLADIUM: with Bruce Forsyth, Vic Damone, Hinge & Bracket, Roy Walker (1987)

    THE TALK OF THE TOWN: with Vic Damone (1969)

    TARBY AND FRIENDS: with Vic Damone, Les Dennis, Frank Carson, Grace Kennedy (1986)

    THE VAL DOONICAN MUSIC SHOW: with Val Sings Bing, Vic Damone, Marti Webb, Dickie Henderson (1981)

    THE VAL DOONICAN MUSIC SHOW: with Vic Damone, Barbara Dickson (1981)

    VAL PARNELL’S SPECTACULAR: The Vic Damone Show (1958)

    VIC DAMONE (1985)

    WOGAN: with Vic Damone, Diahann Carroll, Frank Carson, Taylor Dayne, Carey Wallace (1990)

  5. 5
    Waldo on 20 Jan 2010 #

    Jeremy Brett sung this in the film but I think they dubbed him (and not with Marni Nixon). No shit, Sherlock!

  6. 6
    Victoria on 8 Feb 2010 #

    Gorgeous melody but I do find Vic’s approach a bit overly bombastic. I suppose it does evoke the “overpowering feeling” he describes, but personally I prefer Nat King Cole’s more understated take on it.

  7. 7
    Patrick Mexico on 4 Aug 2013 #

    Roy “of the Rovers'” Race’s favourite (as well as the Kinks and Barbara Streisand. No, really. Signing Martin Kemp and Tony Hadley for Melchester in the eighties perhaps destabilised the club a bit, in a Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham sense. I guess that’s where Doncaster Rovers/Louis Tomlinson got their idea from.. )

  8. 8
    enitharmon on 12 Feb 2018 #

    And it’s farewell Vic Damone. Last of the great 50s crooners?

  9. 9
    Paulito on 13 Feb 2018 #

    @8: Tony Bennett would surely beg to differ!

  10. 10

    Two number one themes-to-be-on-a-90s Quality Street ad in one year!

    (Magic Moments, of course, being the first.)

  11. 11
    Gareth Parker on 9 Jun 2021 #

    I would stretch to a 6/10 for Vic.

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