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Poptimism – Lesson Sixteen – Tom Ewing’s Popular 60s

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1960: Apache – The Shadows

1961: Johnny Remember Me – John Leyton

1962: Telstar – The Tornadoes

1963: She Loves You – The Beatles

1964: It’s Over – Roy Orbison

1965: Get Off of My Cloud – Rolling Stones

1966: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

1967: Baby, Now That I’ve Found You – Foundations

1968: The Legend of Xanadu – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich

1969: Israelites – Desmond Dekker

— — — — —

As Popular progresses from the 60s into the 70s, here are Tom’s highlights from the 60s to celebrate.

Another themed guest spot has been lined up for you very soon. LJs very own Gracious Viv has whipped up some tracks themed around FILTH and s3chs. Cor!


  1. 1
    graciousviv on 29 Sep 2006 #

    My 1961 favourite is Frankie Vaughan’s ‘Tower of Strength’.

  2. 2
    Tom on 29 Sep 2006 #

    The guiding principle was one track per year, and no two tracks by the same artist (so the highest-marked track of 68, Jumpin Jack Flash, got left off)

  3. 3
    Tom on 29 Sep 2006 #

    Links now added to the entries in question!

  4. 4
    Alan on 29 Sep 2006 #

    Quick hint for Tom and all FT editors, if you use RELATIVE links (that start href=”/path/to/page”) rather than absolute links (href=”http://freaytrigger.co.uk/path/to/page”) it doesn’t add a comment to the ref’d page.

  5. 5
    frenky on 7 May 2011 #

    v9fVCk http://gdjI3b7VaWpU1m0dGpvjRrcu9Fk.com

  6. 6
    admin on 15 Oct 2011 #

    A little late in the day, but how about follow ups of a curated 70s and 80s compo Tom?

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