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PWC14: Group D Finale (Uruguay, England, Costa Rica, Italy)

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carnesi Welcome to the Group D finale! Here’s how things stand.

Uruguay (managed by Matthew) have 5 points. A win or second place will certainly see them through – even with other results qualification is still possible.

England (managed by Ronald) have 4 points. Basically, any result in which they place higher than Costa Rica will see them through, and some others too.

Costa Rica (managed by Pete) have 3 points. They have no certain route to qualification but a win should do it.

Italy (managed by Andrew Hickey) have 0 points and cannot qualify. But they can still have an effect on the destiny of the group….

URUGUAY: Campo – “Cumbio”

“With a slight edge over its competititors, Uruguay try to best England and Costa Rica on their own turf: a catchy electro number sung in English but named after a genre popular across Latin America. Campo are the reigning stars of Uruguayan pop.”

ENGLAND: Mutya Keisha Siobhan – “Flatline”

“After barely being beat for 2nd place last match, England is regrouping. Which leads us to this match’s song: a regrouping of the original version of the Sugababes. After various lineup changes which in the end left the group with no original members, the original members decided to give it a shot again after 12 years apart. With an assist in the writing and production department by fellow England player Dev Hynes, hopefully the lush production and vocal harmonies of Flatline don’t spell the end of England’s chances in this tournament.”

COSTA RICA: Debi Nova – “Drummer Boy”

“The Costa Rica team have looked at the two points they grasped in the last game and have decided it is time to put their star player on the pitch as a last ditch effort for qualification. And so with the not at all Christmassy Drummer Boy, we bring on the Costa Rican darling Debi Nova. Ok she might play regularly in the US Major Leagues now, but she is a proud Costa Rican (as evidenced by her membership of the LR1 supergroup) and her upcoming Spanish language only alubm Soy. Sadly Soy has not been released yet so I have had to go back to 2010 for this terrific track. Just don’t say the S word.”

ITALY: Nicolo Carnesi – “Il Colpo”

“Since we wuz robbed last time, I’m going with something more trad and sunshine pop, as recommended by PWC spectator Esteban. We may not have got through the group rounds, but we’re going out singing, with our heads held high…”


D3: Which TWO Tracks Do You Pick?

  • ENGLAND: Mutya Keisha Siobhan 72%
  • ITALY: Nicolo Carnesi 43%
  • COSTA RICA: Debi Nova 33%
  • URUGUAY: Campo 28%

Total Voters: 90

Poll closes: 10 Apr 2014 @ 13:00

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RESULTS: After the patient tactics of their first two games left fans frustrated and their campaign in danger, Chile bounced back and got a big 3 points here, soundly beating the Netherlands into second place in the final Group B game. Australia, meanwhile, edged ahead of Spain to get a single point. But would it be enough? No – heartbreak for the Rockeroos as in a 3-way tie at the top of the group means they are squeezed out of qualification on percentage difference and get eliminated alongside Spain. Holland top the group and will play Croatia in the Round of 16, while Chile’s reward for their third-game heroics is a meeting with Cameroon. Thanks to all managers – congratulations to Job and lartsaegis, commiserations to Carsmile Steve and Matt.

Final Standings: 1. Netherlands – 5 points (avg 53%) 2. Chile – 5 points (avg 43%) 3.Australia – 5 points (avg 38%) 4. Spain – 3 points.


  1. 1
    lonepilgrim on 3 Apr 2014 #

    Uruguay looking a bit leggy at times with only the odd flash of inspiration.
    England have relied on youth in previous matches so it may be risky for the manager to rely on the veterans in the squad. Their tactics are a little outdated but they’re surprisingly spry and their familiarity with each other’s playbook ensures some sweet harmony.
    Costa Rica dazzle with their eye-catching striker and rhythmic passing. The team look fresh and confident although the decision to bring on a piano as substitute is questionable and one the manager quickly rectifies.
    Italy not firing on all cylinders at first. They manage to put a few passes together but lack an attacking edge.

  2. 2
    thefatgit on 3 Apr 2014 #

    With all to play for between 3 nations, a vote for Italy would be a wasted vote, sorry to sound so harsh, because Nicolo Carnesi’s summery ditty is quite a lovely little thing. A little bit Mika, a little bit Proclaimers, a little bit join hands around the campfire.

    Uruguay play their indie disco formation, but their striker seems a little demotivated, isolated up front. Even the glitchcore breakdown near the end produces a singularly lacklustre attempt at goal. The gaffer’s team talk must have been “don’t worry lads we’re through”. Not nailed on, though.

    England rely on old stalwarts playing in a different kit. They seem to be enjoying the reunion, picking up on the positives of their past glories and burying the negatives that drove them apart. Their powerful front 3 switch positions and baffle the opposition defence. A hooky chorus ensures plenty of goalmouth action.

    Costa Rica play the kind of game that Colombia wish they could have coaxed out of Shakira. Debi may be the fox throwing some insane shapes in the box, but she can nod home easily from this distance.

  3. 3
    lartsaegis on 3 Apr 2014 #

    1. England (One touch, retouched and revived ft. the aid of Dev Hynes — good to hear that these superlative women have stepped up and into the limelight for their country even as label disputes have sort of hung their reunion up. They’re veterans, sure, but this is a fresh start for the former Sugababes and they look more spry than ever, rather than hung up on past injuries, break ups — and in a song alluding to death, that counts for a lot.)
    2. Costa Rica (A catchy rhythm that gets sort of pounded into my head, a repetitive chorus that does the same — and so they’re kept from the 1 position in my book, however Debi Nova’s got the moves to secure their team’s resolve, keeping them in a solid second place.)
    3. Uruguay (play a slow roller that refuses to keep up with the fitness of the other top tracks — you get the impression that they’re so preoccupied by keeping something in mind that it takes away from their presence on the field.)
    4. Italy (says their long goodbye here, sort of plodding along with that guitar riff — but manage to provide a good deal of ethereal sparkle with their chorus and end which sees them off into the sunset well enough.)

  4. 4
    Garry on 4 Apr 2014 #

    I’m a sucker for cabasa on the wings, so Uruguay impress. They may be taking to the other teams with their own tactics, but the gentle South American rhythm is enough of a tactical tweak to see them overcome the opposition.

    England and Costa Rica go for the big guns and only one can win through. It’s tight but the Costa Rican have more steel at the backs and an overall more direct play see them out-muscle the opposition.

    Italy easily play their best game. The pressure is off and they can add a bit of quirkiness to their play. It’s sad to see them get on the team bus for the last time, but unfortunately they have found, like Australia, the guitar hasn’t been a fashionable team member in PWC14.

  5. 5
    weej on 4 Apr 2014 #

    Uruguay have a killer team, but the striker seems to have a hangover and can barely get the ball, let alone shoot. The midfield do enough to wake him up by the end, but will it be enough?

    Good to see the return of the 2000 Euros squad for the UK. They’ve learned a great deal while they were away and seem to be up to date with the latest tactics. An easy point here.

    Costa Rica are sending out their star striker, and backed up by a professional but slightly formulaic backline, she’s… adequate. It’s not really original play, enough to get a point from me, but not sure they have it in them to go all the way at this level of the game.

    Italy are still playing a decent game, but this sort of meat & potatoes 4-4-2 pop football formation always tends to be found lacking on the international stage, no matter how well it works in domestic competition. A valiant effort, but not much chance to salvage some points here, I’m afraid.

    Overall a pretty weak finale for Group D, I’m afraid.

  6. 6
    Pete on 4 Apr 2014 #

    I fear we have all gone for a bit of a route one approach when put in a crunch position. England have played one of my number one singles from last year, so I would not be too disappointed if they put me out, but I think I have more class here that Uruguay. Whether I have two clear points more class, not so sure… And Italy, vote for Italy people. Its a really good song (tactically for me).

  7. 7
    Chelovek na lune on 4 Apr 2014 #

    Italy – fun and playful. But verging on child’s play in an adult competition…

    Uruguay – pleasing, Indie league, stuff, that almost sneaks though

    Costa Rica – definitely a World Cup quality performance, just not quite complicated enough to outwit…..

    England – just wow. Fantastic to see a vintage team still able to put on a classic performance like this. Classy and the best of the lot

  8. 8
    Tom on 10 Apr 2014 #

    “Mutya certain to score, Siobhan good as before, and Keisha screaming….”

    Well done England, booking a tussle with Cote D’Ivoire in the round of 16, to be decided shortly after Japan v Uruguay.

  9. 9
    Ronald on 10 Apr 2014 #

    Thank you to everyone for your support!

  10. 10
    jeff w on 11 Apr 2014 #

    Debi Nova clearly robbed here, even if I was thinking the S word while at the same time trying to work out what was meant by “the S word”.

  11. 11
    Matthew on 11 Apr 2014 #

    Yes! The comments section had me worried we were going to end with a three-way tie here… We better get cracking if we’re going to make any progress against Japan, though.

  12. 12
    lartsaegis on 11 Apr 2014 #

    Japan v. England is a game not to be missed.

  13. 13
    lartsaegis on 11 Apr 2014 #

    If it happens, that is.

  14. 14
    Ronald on 12 Apr 2014 #

    Why are people keen on England v. Japan? Not that I’m afraid of Japan at all…

  15. 15
    Tom on 12 Apr 2014 #

    Two teams who’ve played some great stuff, I guess!

    You’re up against Cote D’Ivoire next though, and Japan play Uruguay.

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