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Welcome to the 2010 Pop World Cup

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Group standings at a glance

  Group A Pts   Group B Pts   Group C Pts   Group D Pts
1 flag SAF 7   flag NGA 7   flag USA 5   flag GHA 9
2 flag FRA 4   flag KOR 4   flag SVN 4   flag GER 4
3 flag URU 4   flag ARG 4   flag ALG 4   flag AUS 2
4 flag MEX 1   flag GRE 1   flag ENG 3   flag SRB 1
  Group E Pts   Group F Pts   Group G Pts   Group H Pts
1 flag NED 6   flag NZL 7   flag POR 6   flag ESP 7
2 flag CMR 5   flag PAR 5   flag CIV 5   flag HON 6
3 flag JPN 4   flag SVK 3   flag PRK 4   flag CHI 2
4 flag DEN 1   flag ITA 1   flag BRA 1   flag SUI 1

The rules

Tracks from participating countries go head to head in a tournament to decide which country is the champion of pop. 32 pop pickers are assigned a country to 'manage'. They pick a song by an artist from that country for each match they play. The Pop World Cup resembles the actual World Cup (the qualifying teams and draw also matching) with group stages leading to a knockout system but there are no penalty shootouts (although there will be a tie-breaker for when two teams get the same number of votes each). Match winners are determined by whichever country/song receives the most public votes. To win a match a team has to secure at least a 58% majority of votes, otherwise the match is declared a draw. Anyone can vote and matches last a few days so there is plenty of time to listen to the songs, cast your votes and post your thoughts in the comments box for each game.

When managers pick songs they must be by artists from or at least based in the country they're managing. An act can only appear once in the tournament. Selected acts can feature members from different countries as long as one is from the appropriate country (whether born there or having since moved there). Voters are free to decide whether the "authenticity" of selected artists are sufficient!

There is no age limit on selected songs and they can be from any point in history. They do not even have to have been released anywhere as long as the act credited is from the appropriate country and this is proveable.

Cover versions, well known hits, remixes (both where the appropriate act is the remixer OR the remixed) are all eligible. Again voter discretion may dictate whether these are factors in whether a song will win or fail against it's rival song.

The players

Country Manager   Country Manager
flag Algeria Martin Skidmore   flag Korea DPR Mark Sinker
flag Argentina Jonathan Bogart   flag Korea Republic Chris Randle
flag Australia Chris Burlingame   flag Mexico Tom Schaller
flag Brazil Chris Ambrose   flag Netherlands Iain Forrester
flag Cameroon Weston Debevec   flag New Zealand Steve Mannion
flag Chile James E L   flag Nigeria Matt D'Cruz
flag Côte d'Ivoire Wichita Lineman   flag Paraguay Talia
flag Denmark Rob Hakimian   flag Portugal Job De Wit
flag England Rebecca Brown   flag Serbia Tim Emanuel
flag France Alex Macpherson   flag Slovakia Julio DeSouza
flag Germany Andrew Hickey   flag Slovenia Kat Stevens
flag Ghana Ben Graham   flag South Africa The Ewings
flag Greece Johan Palme   flag Spain Alberto
flag Honduras Steve Hewitt   flag Switzerland* Greg Fanoe
flag Italy Marna   flag United States Pete Baran
flag Japan Dasal Abayratne   flag Uruguay Jim Derwent
*Switzerland are the current European Champions. 2006 World Champions Czech Republic failed to qualify.

The prize

The winner will receive an actual Pop World Cup of some kind, that's all we can reveal for now!

The artists

Acts featuring in the 2010 Pop World Cup (with links to their myspace, facebook, pages or official sites).
*Act won their match. Acts in italics also appeared in the 2006 Pop World Cup.

Country Acts selected
Algeria Chaba Zahouania* | Rachid Taha | Cheb Khaled
Argentina Entre Rios | Bersuit Vergarabat | Princesa*
Australia Sneaky Sound System | The Birthday Party | Belinda Chapple
Brazil Los Hermanos | Sepultura | Legião Urbana
Cameroon K-Tino | Ntoumba | Francis Bebey* | Bébé Manga* | Eko
Chile Kudai | Los Prisioneros | Nicole
Côte d'Ivoire Bab Lee* | Magic System ft. Akil, Cheb Bilal & Big Ali | Tangara Speed Ghoda | Soum Bill
Denmark Sukkerchok | The Raveonettes | White Pony
England Joe Cocker | Sukshinder Shinda* | Black The Ripper
France Debruit | Francoiz Breut* | Magazine 60* | Poni Hoax
Germany Heinz | Daisy Door & The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra* | Stereo Total | Wir Sind Helden
Ghana Ayigbe Edem ft. Sarkodie* | Wulomei* | Osibisa | Tic Tac*
Greece Giorgios Mais | Haris Alexiou & Dimitra Galani | Vegas
Honduras Banda Blanca* | Josh DiBrasco | Bullaka Family | Sherry y Sheyla* | Acidmunky ft. Martha Bonilla*
Italy Morder Machine ft. Atrax Morgue | Crookers | Alberto Remondini ft. Luca Zeta
Japan Andymori | Shugo Tokumaru | Polysics
Korea DPR Wangjaesan Light Music Band | Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance | Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble
Korea Republic 4Minute | T-ara* | BoA | Girls Generation*
Mexico Café Tacvba | Los Dug Dug's | Rodrigo y Gabriela
Netherlands Caro Emerald* | Diggy Dex ft. Eva de Roovere* | The Black Atlantic | The Opposites & Big2* | Wende
New Zealand Parallel Dance Ensemble* | Scribe ft. Tyra Hammond* | Ladi6 | P-Money
Nigeria D'Banj | Kefee ft. Timaya* | Bouqui | JJC* |
Paraguay Sefiroth | Los Verduleros | Coco | Lopez
Portugal Mikado Lab | Octa Push | Buraka Som Sistema | Mariza
Serbia JK | Svetlana | Kristale
Slovakia Horkyze Slize | Martina Schindlerova | Robert Burian ft. Zdenka Predna
Slovenia Tinkara | Qualia 6 | Uroš Umek vs Andja | Sestre
South Africa Pitch Black Afro* | Mapaputsi* | Chimora | DJ Cleo
Spain Juniper Moon* | Delafé y Las Flores Azules | Estopa | Vinila Von Bismarck & The Lucky Dados* | La Mala Rodriguez
Switzerland Touch El Arab | Sens Unik ft. MC Solaar | Stress ft. Karolyn
United States Yeasayer* | Kid Sister | Mascott | Wiz Khlifa
Uruguay Los Shakers* | Opa | El Cuarteto De Nos