Jun 18

Pop World Cup 2018 – Tournament Eve Update

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This year’s POP WORLD CUP is almost here! I appreciate the Pop Football governing bodies have been quiet about the tournament since the initial announcement, but behind the scenes, we’ve been busy constructing stadiums finalising squad details. Well, almost. We have a shock eve-of-tournament vacancy for one of the favourites, SOUTH KOREA. So if you know your K-Pop (like, at all) and want to step into the hot seat, please let me know.

Otherwise, expect the first match at the weekend, and a fairly brisk clip of games across the summer. (The PWC takes a bit longer than that other World Cup). The managers are sending in their first tracks and the referees are counting their bribes. Because of the truncated time frame, the group games won’t follow the same order as the football tournament. If you ARE a manager, and didn’t get my emails this week, please shout! I might not have your current address.

If you’re following along as a spectator, we’ll have YouTube and Spotify links wherever possible and a playlist of available tracks. It’ll be a simple format so please do join in, listen and vote.


  1. 1
    Ludo on 14 Jun 2018 #

    i’ll do Korea.

  2. 2
    Tom on 14 Jun 2018 #

    Excellent! I’ll send you the details.

  3. 3
    Lidl_Janus on 14 Jun 2018 #

    How does this website respond to the widespread accusations of human rights abuses, rampant corruption and attempts to influence foreign elections?

  4. 4
    Andrew Farrell on 14 Jun 2018 #

    We hope that someone writes a good song about them.

  5. 5
    Ludo on 15 Jun 2018 #

    haven’t seen the instructions yet, but I assume I have until monday :-)

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