Feb 02

On Fame and Misfortune: Blowing It

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On Fame and Misfortune: Blowing It, Channel 4, Sat Feb 16 2002, the tale was retold of Naomi Campbell going naked to ban fur, then stalking down a cat-walk in nothing but. Cue outraged PETA spokesgirl: “How you be crying at the anal electrocution of animals one minute, then promoting it the next?” Er hullo PETA: Naomi Campbell is a SUPERMODEL she works in the FASHION INDUSTRY and fashion = EVERYTHING TURNING INTO ITS OPPOSITE SIX MONTHS FROM NOW. You PETA made the decision to glamour up your argument: no good whining to us when glamour proves FICKLE, like DUH!! Entire programme = mocking, by C-list instant-wisdom-for-hire commentator-pundits (Andrew Neil! Oliver James!! Ben Stud!!!), of A-list slebs for the desire to be considered as wise as they are gorgeous, and how the A-listers as a result come across banal, brainless, pompous, shallow, needy, ripe for a ripping… “They say politics is showbusiness for ugly people,” simpers the ultra-babe blonde psychologist. Sorry, what line are you in again, love?

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