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A classic of the “list” genre

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A classic of the “list” genre: Thee Headcoats’ “We Hate The Fuckin NME”. Over two chords, Billy Childish intones the reasons he doesn’t like the NME: “Elvis Costello in the NME… David Bowie in the NME… Morrissey in the NME… NME owned by IPC/Melody Maker owned by IPC… We hate the NME/We hate the fuckin NME!” Fantastic.


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    […] The NME–which has taken to branding itself as “The World’s Fastest Music News Service,” which I guess is their way of sidestepping allegations about its accuracy–will hold the American version of its Shockwaves Awards on April 23 in Los Angeles, and you aren’t invited. But don’t worry! You can stream the whole thing on MySpace, thanks to one of those partnership deals that press releases trumpet as “exclusive” and jaded eyes read as “last-ditch attempts to make people on this side of the pond care about a brand that doesn’t really mean much to them unless they’re really into overly breathless prose and/or Billy Childish.” […]

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    duncandamaged on 18 Aug 2009 #

    Thee Headcoats single has long since sold out but this track is available on “Archive From 1959”


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