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The Great Tune Robbery

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The Great Tune Robbery – in which the NME reports the “news” that the chords to Travis’ “Writing To Reach You” are the same as the chords to “Wonderwall”. This comes as no surprise to anyone who’s had the pleasure of hearing the song. (Link nicked off yer man Fred as seems to be the NYLPM standard.)

The song was debuted at the Scottish “T In The Park” festival (at about 3pm on July 11th 1998, if I’m not mistaken) and the crowd’s reaction summed up my feelings on the song. After a seemingly endless build-up from the band (“This is our new song, we’re really proud of it, it took us ages to write, we’ll release it soon, this if the first time we’ve played it live, we’re really proud of it…”) they launched into… A COVER VERSION OF “WONDERWALL”! And how we laughed. That is, until we realised that the little indie-pop pixie was singing the wrong words. This actually was a song that they’d written.

Still, I suppose these crazy antics of the kilt-sporting fun-lovers are a triumph for “classic song writing” fans everywhere…

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