Sep 13

Lost Property Office 2-9: Fire Alarm!

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lost property office 2-9Action! Drama! Excitement! All what you have come to expect from the Lost Property Office Podcast. But why not add to that real live drama in the form of sirens and the potential for death of the lead characters. In this weeks Lost Property Office, I and my intrepid lost properteer are interrupted mid-flow, or at least mid-Steely Dan noodley work out, and have to evacuate the studio. Did we make it (Yes!) Where did we go (The Pub). Was it alright in the end? Well you be the judge of that dear listener.

In the meantime thrill not just to tales of fire, but of the correct pronunciation of Aja, the slowest bit of archery ever done by man, turning right instead of left, Pedigree Bitter vs Pedigree Chum, losing your memory and a cute yet slightly creepy toy monkey. We also toy with invading someone’s privacy (again, but decide against it. Even after the impromptu mid-show pint. My intrepid loser this week is Francis O’Shaughnessy, Walthamstowite and general good egg.


  1. 1
    Peter Baran (@pb14) on 5 Sep 2013 #

    Lost Property Office 2-9:or as they’ll be saying at the webby awards, the one with the fire alarm halfway through it: http://t.co/cyk2mQT8Ud

  2. 2
    jeff w on 14 Oct 2013 #

    Good show! The conversation flows well, which helps.

    There, you have 1x listener (although I see I am now quite a bit behind re earlier eps).

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