May 09

Freakytrigger and the Lollards Of Pop: Season 3 Episode 9

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The second half of the Lollards season kicks off with an playful hour about toys. Well, at least the toys you can talk about on a Saturday afternoon. Pete Baran is joined by Anna S, Kat Stevens and Pippa Ashton to talk about Barbie mutilation, freaky Japanese collectors dolls and children torturing each other. You know for kicks.

Music comes from Daphne And Celeste, Fergie and Missy Elliott, in Resonance FM’s never ending quest to push back the boundaries of music radio.

Additional materials beyond the break:

Totally Hair Barbie ad:

Rappin’ Rockin’ Barbie ad (note minuscule size of boom box):

Scalextric THE WINNER!

And an average Childrens ITV ad break from the mid eighties including more Barbie, Space Lego etc…

And some of the dolls Pippa is talking about

A whole load of Pullip’s

And a Dolphie Flickrstream


  1. 1
    Kat but logged out innit on 12 May 2009 #

    FUCKING KONGMAN can fuck off, you always got just near the top and it would drop the bloody ball on the ‘magic’ wall. Magic arse more like. Way worse than Mousetrap, at least on that the ball bloody stayed on the thing so it didn’t get lost under the sofa.

    Anyway, I remember watching pretty much all of the above except rapping Barbie and the Wotsits ad.

  2. 2
    Jean on 17 May 2009 #

    I’m Anna’s mother – I reckon Early Learning owe me shed loads of money for all the toys this poor deprived child apparently never received ( us middle class liberals don’t shop at Argos) – all she remembers was handmedown broken toys does she? At least I now know how her flute got that dent.

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