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Scissor Sisters: Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

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Square Jaw, hiding her adams apple with a scarf. WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU NEED?What a coincidence. The Scissor Sisters don’t feel like dancing. And I don’t feel like listening. And not just because they’ve updated their schtick from being Elton John copyists to Leo Sayer copyists*. Not even because the whole song is sung in a falsetto even higher than any previous Scissor Sisters records which suggests that someone has been Spearing Jake in the nuts. Not even could I be tempted to listen just because Man A Matronic (have you seen the size of “her” Adams Apple) is barely on the tune. No, I don’t feel like listening because it is a high pitched squeal of a late disco pastiche which sends all the dogs in this area howling. Admitted the howling dogs are better than the “not big in America, can you guess why“** Scissor Sisters but I would rather listen to nothing.

The only plus point is if the songs continue in an arithmetical progression of pitch, the next album will not be audible by human ears. This is probably what the dogs are worried about.

*Do you think they thought they would get away with it. I bet they were pissed off when Leo had a number one earlier this year, thus reminding the rest of the world of his insipid songs, Pierrot make-up and white-boy afro.

**Nothing to do with homophobia, everything to do with being rubbish.


  1. 1
    fred on 31 Aug 2006 #


  2. 2
    Tom on 31 Aug 2006 #

    I was sorely disappointed to learn this wasnt Fred Solinger!

  3. 3
    Ashleigh on 3 Sep 2006 #

    well, if you think they are so awful, why dont you and your critical ass piss off to america then! it is a matter of opinion, and you think coming on to the internet and shouting off and making personal digs at them is smart, you are a dosy shite!
    i personally think they are the best thing from sliced bread! and for once we dont have another band trying to make it big by copying everything around them!

  4. 4
    Tom on 3 Sep 2006 #

    The best thing from sliced bread SINCE THE SANDWICH!

  5. 5
    Admin on 4 Sep 2006 #

    “for once we dont have another band trying to make it big by copying everything around them!”

    you’re assuming they aren’t surrounded by bee gees and elton john albums

  6. 6
    Lawrence on 21 Sep 2006 #

    That’s O.k. Tanya, You just showed us all you have as much taste as Vanilla Ice. Obviously good tunes are way over ya head hon.

  7. 7
    STeVE & DEREK on 24 Sep 2006 #

    We though their new single ‘Son;t fsel lihe dancingf/ is absolutely fab, THe volum ant str8 yp on the car eadio and we were daning by the end of th erecord, THank you

  8. 8
    Admin on 24 Sep 2006 #

    lordy, but we are first hit for “scissor sisters don’t feel like dancing” on msn (the search engine of choice for the poor of typing)

  9. 9
    Tom on 24 Sep 2006 #

    And poor of driving if this ‘dancing in the car’ madness is anything to go by.

  10. 10
    Patrick on 26 Sep 2006 #

    how can someone not be surrounded by elton john albums?!

  11. 11
    Brettmund on 9 Nov 2006 #

    Another searingly ace review Tanya. Hahahaha, some people really don’t get this website, do they?

    Sheesh, take yourselves less seriously, muppets.

  12. 12
    Steve Mannion on 9 Nov 2006 #

    a matter of opinion = an act of war

  13. 13
    julia on 17 Nov 2006 #

    tanya is such a funny fella. the dogs are not howling sweetie; theyre singing!

  14. 14
    rhiannon on 15 Sep 2007 #

    it is awsome dude…….i hate the fucken scissor sisters….its about time!

  15. 15
    Edgar Lavarello on 21 Dec 2007 #

    well hello everybod. Am revoowing de scissor solicotors an ah kooden help ba notice lak oder peepils dat eash rekad rippin off anoder hartist. We have Helton Giann, Bijis an more. Me met wid de lid siger in the airpoort in Noo Yak an he seem lak a rat asshole up his own bam. Anywya. Der;s may contribooshun.

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