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Everyone knows one fact about ZZ Top.
The one without the beard is called Frank Beard.

Everyone should know this other fact about ZZ Top.
They are not top in any way. Except perhaps top of my hitlist.

Think about it. Many a plumber or a air-conditioning supplier give themselves names like A1 Plumbers of AAAAAirCon. Why? Puts them first in the Yellow Pages. One can only imagine therefore that ZZ Top only got into the pop business because no-one was calling up their electricians business. Can’t be any other reason.


  1. 1
    Jack Pike on 30 Oct 2009 #

    your clearly an idiot!!

  2. 2
    Jack Pike on 30 Oct 2009 #

    your clearley an idiot!

  3. 3
    Jack Pike on 30 Oct 2009 #

    i mean, you cant see past your nose can you!! you must be a realy boring person, and anyone knows ZZTOP ROCK THE SHIT OUT YOUR TREE BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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