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δ is for…the delta blues and Delta Goodrem

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Which the good people of the Guardian Music Magazine pointed out is 100 Years Old today. Or yesterday. Or actually, when you look at the editorial piece, it is 100 years since it was discovered. Who was in the priviliged position of discovering was unclear, since the article was written poorly – as any article writing to valourize something that is inherently rubbish would be. (Note to reader, by dislikeing the blues I am not being racist. I just hate the blues. By celebrating 100 years of its “discovery” the Guardian Music Magazine obviously is, especially when it goes on to get two of the blues finest practioners Robert Plant and Jack WHITE to talk about it).


Who is the current champion of the I Hate Music Prize for pretending to play a piano despite some obvious inability to ever press down on the keyboard.


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    Bryony on 9 Jan 2007 #

    I cant believe you would say such a thing about a person as talented and beautiful as Delta. I would like to see you play the piano as well as what she does!!

  2. 2
    mini on 13 Apr 2007 #

    U noe dats the worst thing iv heard this year!!U guys dont even appreciate all the effort delta puts into her music and thx Bryony for standin up for delts!! i believe in Delta & if u dont like her den why make a website bout dissin her!! U people suk at makin the right desision because iv been on 100 delta haters and most of em are happy for delta soo u people can just kill urselfs!!!
    p.s. i love u delta and always keep ur spirits up!!U still have a beautiful heart!!

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