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There is a whole layer of hell reserved for Robbie Williams, whilst Nicole Kidman – for attempting to revive the musical in 2001 – gets at least two or three levels to herself. But taking the song which they took back to number one at face value, there is something all more disturbing about the original version. I know it was a simpler age, I know people we not as cynical as today – but surely someone noticed that this was a song about a father and son spending the night in bed together.

Surely the FBI, who wanted to topple Frank Sinatra for his mob connections, could have at least used the premise of paedophilia in the song as a reason to hall in ole blue eyes and give him a quick – doobie doobie doo – kicking. If not for his mafia connections, for his decades of clicking his fingers and singing in a monotone. Why do you think Nancy Sinatra ended up singing with Lee Hazlewood. He is the only man in pop with less of a vocal range than her father. No Something Stupid is a distubring love song which keeps it in the family. Perhaps Frank should have changed his name to be like his daughter: Noncy Sinatra sounds about right.


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    Rod on 14 Jan 2007 #

    I have read some of those comments and have to say I see nothing incestuous about the song, nothing at all. No line of it sounds specially intended that way.

    However, the way those words are put… keeps making me think that one could very well be singing to a woman who isn’t lawfully ours (“I’ll stand in line until you think you have the time”… that means one is not the preferred companion, probably not the only one either; “you despise the same old lies you heard the night before”… gee, that is an active love life, to have different persons telling you that time and again).

    And finally “spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you”… in what other case would that be the wrong thing to say to a person?

    Either she is someone eles’s woman… or a prostitute.

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    Stuart on 11 Sep 2010 #

    Tanya Headon
    Don’t know who you are, but I’ll tell you what!!
    You have a major issue not liking ANY MUSIC AT ALL!!!!
    Or is there something wrong with your hearing?
    Or something wrong with your heart?
    Or is there something sadly wrong in your HEAD?
    If not, then it’s time to grow-up lady!!!
    Whatever age you are.

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    JohnnyBoy on 21 Feb 2011 #

    You’re famous for being hated over the internet. Now I hope you can die happily. :) Hot-dog guzzling redneck.

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