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May 21

A-HA – “The Sun Always Shines On TV” (69 comments) Dead cert, nailed-on 10/10 for me. One of my absolute favourite UK #1 singles. Just glorious, wonderful stuff in my… Gareth Parker
BROS – “I Owe You Nothing” (96 comments) Don't have any problems with this single to be honest. I think I would go 5/10 here. Gareth Parker
KYLIE MINOGUE – “I Should Be So Lucky” (88 comments) Perfectly adequate stuff from Kylie here in my eyes. 5/10. Gareth Parker
DOCTOR AND THE MEDICS – “Spirit In The Sky” (58 comments) Not really sure what Dr and the Medics were aiming for with this cover. There's not really enough glam stomp… Gareth Parker
ELAINE PAIGE AND BARBARA DICKSON – “I Know Him So Well” (55 comments) 4/10 from me for Elaine and Babs, much prefer King's 'Love and Pride' myself. Gareth Parker
JIM DIAMOND – “I Should Have Known Better” (61 comments) Jim seemed a likeable enough performer, I think the song's OK, so I could stretch to a 6/10 here. Gareth Parker
THE FLYING PICKETS – “Only You” (48 comments) I think Tom's right with the 5/10 here. Not really in Yazoo's league, but I feel the Pickets do an… Gareth Parker
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE – “Happy Talk” (38 comments) Can't really dislike this one. I'll go with 5/10, 6 on a good day. Gareth Parker
BILLY JOEL – “Uptown Girl” (77 comments) It has a perkiness to it, but I have to say I find this a tad irritating. I would go… Gareth Parker
FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – “Two Tribes” (127 comments) A 9/10 for me. One of the most exciting singles of the whole decade. Gareth Parker
ADAM AND THE ANTS – “Prince Charming” (76 comments) Can't quite take to this one I'm afraid, even though I like a lot of his other singles. 5/10 for… Gareth Parker
BUCKS FIZZ – “Making Your Mind Up” (97 comments) Good pop song in my opinion. Puts me in a good mood, so a generous 7/10 for that reason. Gareth Parker
SHAKIN’ STEVENS – “Green Door” (46 comments) Again, 5/10 from me (the same score as I would give 'This Ole House'). Another perfectly fine Shaky interpretation to… Gareth Parker
SHAKIN’ STEVENS – “This Ole House” (47 comments) I think I would go with a 5/10 here. Shaky does a reasonable job with this one, in my opinion. Gareth Parker
GUY MITCHELL – “Singing The Blues” TOMMY STEELE – “Singing The Blues” (28 comments) I really like this song and I have to say I lean towards Steele's version. I think I would go… Gareth Parker
DAVID SNEDDON – “Stop Living The Lie” (24 comments) The awfulness of the lyrics is what baffles me. Tom generously gives David some benefit of the doubt by calling… benson_79
THE KLF ft THE CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION – “3AM Eternal” (122 comments) The KLF Miscellaneous 3 A.M. Eternal This is Radio Freedom KLF! aha aha aha aha KLF is gonna rock ya… Rozamond

May 21

KYLIE MINOGUE AND JASON DONOVAN – “Especially For You” (48 comments) I can't totally hate this one. A very charitable 4/10 from me. Gareth Parker
TOM JONES – “It’s Not Unusual” (13 comments) I'd be much more generous than Tom (Ewing) here. In my opinion Tom (Jones) deserves an 8/10 for this classic… Gareth Parker

May 21

PUSSYCAT – “Mississippi” (121 comments) Just goes on a bit for me; 3/10 at a push in my opinion. Gareth Parker