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May 22

Pop World Cup 2010: The Final! Nigeria vs Germany (27 comments) I was a big fan of the DJ Hell album from last time, but always through Ferry dragged this track… concrete jacking

May 22

The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2015: #40-#31 (16 comments) SIm happy to see Silhouette here. Jared Spears

May 22

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mini Mussolini? (18 comments) It has the effect of creating a face within a face, and sometimes a much more robust, less cute one.… James Kee

May 22

THE REAL THING – “You To Me Are Everything” (49 comments) Quite a few comments upthread describe this song as “jolly” or similar. It actually has a subtly melancholy undertow, both… Paulito

May 22

The Freaky Trigger Movie Poll 2017: #20 – #11 (4 comments) I am not quite surprised if it leads this poll. best jewelry shop Beavercreek

May 22

STEPS – “Heartbeat” / “Tragedy” (43 comments) For all of Steps's success at the time, not a lot of it really sticks in the memory. Other than… Mr Tinkertrain
CHEF – “Chocolate Salty Balls” (39 comments) I was slightly resentful of South Park at the time because it was on at 11pm on a Friday night… Mr Tinkertrain

May 22

PINK FLOYD – “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)” (76 comments) @75: Well, no. 69 and those other comments happened six years apart. Which might also explain why that comment is… Ospero

May 22

ATOMIC KITTEN – “The Tide Is High (Get The Feeling)” (34 comments) This song is bad and we regret making this. We totally copied two other songs from this and though we… Atomic Kitten

May 22

Kingsmill Bread Is Rubbish (33 comments) Screw you and your rubbish sense of smell. Kingsmill is leagues above that foul tasting atrocity known as Hovis. Red Robert

May 22

The FreakyTrigger Top 25 Brands: 22: TARMAC (10 comments) Are all members here? iowacityconcretecontractors.com/ jamesgeller911
The Magic Mill (16 comments) A dentist can spot cavities with a tooth x-ray. If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment as… Mae

May 22

B*WITCHED – “To You I Belong” (26 comments) This is fine - a little undercooked but just about enough to merit a 5. At the time I didn't… Mr Tinkertrain
CHER – “Believe” (42 comments) Comment #4 - a top 5 featuring new entries from Cher, George Michael, U2 and Culture Club? In 1998? Had… Mr Tinkertrain
SPACEDUST – “Gym And Tonic” (30 comments) A rare number 1 from this era that I genuinely haven't heard since it came out (it's not on Spotify).… Mr Tinkertrain
BILLIE – “Girlfriend” (38 comments) Much like the B*Witched single in the last entry, this is pretty forgettable and wouldn't have got near the top… Mr Tinkertrain
B*WITCHED – “Rollercoaster” (54 comments) This one is pretty forgettable - a rare chart-topper from this era that I could barely remember the tune of.… Mr Tinkertrain
MELANIE B ft MISSY ELLIOTT – “I Want You Back” (42 comments) No, not for me at all. I can't stand Missy Elliott at the best of times and this is not… Mr Tinkertrain
ROBBIE WILLIAMS – “Millennium” (52 comments) This was such an inevitable number 1 after the success of Angels and Let Me Entertain You - he could… Mr Tinkertrain

May 22

THE ADVENT CALENDAR OF ALCOHOL – 6th December (5%-6%): Ayingerbrau Prinz (1 comment) As you can see locally, the police force end up having two-way correspondence in their watches and practically their vehicles… Joy Howell