Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 6

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 1 in whose garden can we both gather nosegays?
 2 where was the lofty location of Aritomo’s garden?
 3 who is invited into the garden to share the musk of the rose?
 4 which Garden was developed on the site of the Bishop of Ely’s town house?
 5 which town’s development was based on plans inspired by Howard and holds his grave?
 6 in whose garden did the trespasser help himself to lettuces, French beans and radishes and, despite nausea, search for parsley?
 7 where in Yorkshire did the robin assist in locating the key to the secret garden?
 8 which Irishman disputed the disappearance of the Garden of Eden?
 9 who described rose plot and fern’d grot in his garden?
10 in whose garden had the bear nothing to wear?


  1. 1
    Mark M on 10 Jan 2020 #

    5 is Letchworth, the first of the garden cities.

  2. 2
    Tom on 10 Jan 2020 #

    #6 is Peter Rabbit I think so the answer is Mr McGregor

  3. 3
    mark sinker on 10 Jan 2020 #

    is 5 Kew?

    (guess^^^ based on sketchy and possibly phantom memory)

  4. 4
    Phil on 10 Jan 2020 #

    3 is Maud (Tennyson). Might 8 be Ussher, he of 4004 BC fame?

  5. 5
    jeff w on 10 Jan 2020 #

    #7 is Misselthwaite Manor – in the F H Burnett novel

  6. 6
    Tim N on 10 Jan 2020 #

    4 is Hatton Garden.

  7. 7
    Alan on 13 Jan 2020 #

    Sorry for the slow posting rate BTW – I’ll do one tomorrow and then try to do one every other day

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