Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 5

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 1 what was Best and Goes Farthest?
 2 which product held the fifth Golden Ticket?
 3 what did Vianne open in Lansquenet-sous-Tannes?
 4 which Gammel Strand grøntsager put marzipan to good use?
 5 Desperation, Pacification, Expectation, Acclamation and finally Realization – what was it?
6 with which producer of baby foods did the Vevey candlemaker combine to produce milk chocolate?
 7 for which manufacturer’s ‘effect’ was Liotard’s waitress the initial inspiration?
 8 how did Raina affectionately address Capt Bluntschli?
 9 who advertised Chocolate Heaven since 1911?
10 What was described as Quality in a square?


  1. 1
    Sam Leitermann on 6 Jan 2020 #

    The theme is chocolate it appears?

    #2 is the Wonka Bar and #6 is Nestle

  2. 2
    Andrew F on 6 Jan 2020 #

    #5 is the Fry 5 Boys then

  3. 3
    jeff w on 6 Jan 2020 #

    #3 is def to do with the ‘Chocolat’ book/film, but I don’t know the name of the shop the lead character opened

  4. 4
    enitharmon on 6 Jan 2020 #

    #9 is Thorntons.
    #8 is the Chocolate Cream Soldier from Shaw’s Arms and the Man
    Mention of Vervey (Switzerland) kinda screams “Nestlé” at me in #6.

    Jeff @3: It was La Céleste Praline in the book. I can’t remember what it was, if anything, in the film, which I didn’t care for.

  5. 5
    anatol_merklich on 7 Jan 2020 #

    #10 could be Ritter Sport, which makes a point of being square in shape; its original German slogan is “Quadratisch, praktisch, gut”.

  6. 6
    anatol_merklich on 7 Jan 2020 #

    #4: the Danish bit means “Old Beach vegetables”; Gammel Strand looks like it could be a location, and possibly the setter has tried to autotranslate “greengrocer” and got “grøntsager” out of it, as both of them might appear in the same way e.g. on a shop sign. Don’t know the answer, but left to my own devices I would guess Anthon Berg as the most famous Danish chocolatier (many of whose products contain marzipan, with or without infusions of BOUZE etc).

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