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King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 4

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1 who was Ashie, the leader of Juventus?
2 which Veronese nobleman was rejected by a tallow-faced baggage?
3 which regicide was represented as Samuel in a Boston operatic setting?
4 which diplomat received an 11-gun salute on disembarking Nonsuch near Rügen?
5 who arrived from the continent with a cockatoo, a pair of canaries and a family of white rodents?
6 who experienced love at first sight on seeing Stiva’s married sister, when meeting his mother at the railway station?
7 who travelled as an abbé following his escape from prison and purchased an island, and with it a title?
8 who was the messenger for the Reichsführer’s clandestine peace proposal?
9 who was depicted at his interment attended by Stephen and Augustine?
10 who mimicked Hines and Ellington in adopting a noble title?


  1. 1
    anatol_merklich on 3 Jan 2020 #

    10. Did Count Basie choose his nicknamed based on Duke Ellington etc?

  2. 2
    anatol_merklich on 3 Jan 2020 #

    9. That famous painting of the burial of some nobleman by… was it El Greco?, could that be a count as well?

  3. 3
    enitharmon on 3 Jan 2020 #

    A round of Counts.

    #3 is Count Ribbing, from the first draft of Verdi’s opera Un ballo in maschera. Verdi wrote the opera based on the real-life assassination of Gustavus III, king of Sweden, at a masked ball. It fell foul of the censors so an indignant Verdi recast the setting to colonial Boston with the murder victim being Richard, Earl of Warwick and governor of Boston. Most 21st-century productions revert to the original setting.

    #6 is Count Vronsky from Anna Karenina
    #7 is Edmond Dantès, Comte de Monte Cristo
    #8 was von Ribbentrop a count? If so it’s him.
    Obviously #10 is Count Basie

  4. 4
    Tim N on 4 Jan 2020 #

    Shots fired into the near-dark:

    #4 Bismarck
    #5 Dracula

  5. 5
    Phil on 4 Jan 2020 #

    I wonder if #5 is Count Fosco (the Woman in White) – I don’t know about canaries, but he was noted for his white mice.

  6. 6
    enitharmon on 4 Jan 2020 #

    #1 is the obligatory John Buchan answer. There’s always at least one Buchan question every year.

  7. 7
    enitharmon on 6 Jan 2020 #

    (Buchan: It’s Count Paul Jovian from The House of the Four Winds)

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