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King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 3

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 1 who suggested a profile of the Dorset Street murderer?
 2 to whom was a Perry Mason story involving dual identity dedicated?
 3 which Professor used photographic superimposition to identify remains found near the A701?
 4 who concluded that the dead man found hanged below Blackfriars Bridge was the victim of foul play?
 5 whose development of genetic fingerprinting exonerated a kitchen porter and led to a life sentence for a bakery worker?
 6 whose ground-breaking test, distinguishing human blood from wood stain and sheep’s blood, led to an execution at Greifswald?

 7 which Manxman provided the first contemporary account of what is now known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy?
 8 whose astute discovery of a gall stone disproved the murderer’s boast that there was no body?
 9 whose pioneering use of DNA confirmed the identification of Little Miss Nobody?
10 who advised on a suitable body in the planning of Mincemeat?


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    Phil on 2 Jan 2020 #

    I recognise some of the cases, but not the names they’re asking for – it’s infuriating. The dead man in 4. was Roberto Calvi, 5. looks like the Lesley Molseed case and 8. is the notorious acid bath murderer (so notorious that I’ve forgotten his name). Who the detectives (etc) are is another matter.

  2. 2
    enitharmon on 3 Jan 2020 #

    A round of forensic pathologists.

    #1 Thomas Bond provided a profile of the Jack the Ripper murderer. Dorset Street was the scene of the first Ripper murder.

    #3 John Glaister. This one is about the Buck Ruxton case in Lancaster. Ruxton killed his wife and maid, wrapped the body parts in newspaper and dumped them on moors near Moffat which is on the A701, the quiet and scenic route to Edinburgh. (Unfortunately for the supposedly intelligent Ruxton the newspaper he used was a local Lancaster one). This is a case I once wrote about at length.

    #4 Jeff Katz, who determined that the death of Roberto Calvi was not suicide.
    #5 Alec Jeffreys, pioneer of DNA profiling. He used DNA evidence from a mass screening to rule out one suspect, the kitchen porter Robert Buckland. Colin Pitchfork, a bakery worker, was subsequently convicted after he used a ringer for the DNA screening.

  3. 3
    Tim N on 4 Jan 2020 #

    #10 is the fraudulent celebrity pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury, as I learned from a certain musical currently on stage at the Southwark Playhouse.

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