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King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 2

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 1 which Aberdonian became a general in the Tsar’s army?
 2 what is the traditional site of pilgrimage in the last Sunday in July?
 3 whose father practised inoculation until it was made criminal in eighteen-forty?
 4 which very dry concoction came from the eponymous warehouse in the Calle Divina Pastora?
 5 who received a command from Dunfermline to make a potentially dangerous North Sea crossing?
 6 who created an enduring friendship between the naval lieutenant and the man in the rusty black coat during a Locatelli recital?
 7 which reviled factor was cleared of gross inhumanity following a fatal croft fire in Strathnaver?
 8 who wrote of his travels through the Transvaal with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
 9 who established a bilingual school in Ranelagh, later moving to Rathfarnham?
10 who likened potato-gatherers to mechanised scarecrows?


  1. 1
    Kerry on 31 Dec 2019 #

    5. I’m pretty sure is Sir Patrick Spens, from the Child ballad

    6. is the opening scene from Master and Commander (book) – but I don’t know who the third party is! Was it Aubrey’s captain friend? (side note, nothing wrong with O’Brien but I feel like whoever sets these quizzes really needs to read more books)

  2. 2
    mark sinker on 31 Dec 2019 #

    THEY HAVE ALSO READ JOHN BUCHAN as we shall shortly be reminded

    (possibly in this set of questions tbh)

  3. 3
    mark sinker on 1 Jan 2020 #

    The Aberdonian in (1) is Patrick Gordon, a general under Peter the Great. I had somehow dimly remembered the Peter the Great element*, so all I googled was PtG and Aberdeen — but I did google it.

    Perhaps bcz of this Tsar’s fascination with the West and the Enlightenment (and hence the Scottish Enlightenment? tho I don’t think Gordon really fits into this last very well lol)

  4. 4
    byebyepride on 1 Jan 2020 #

    7: Patrick Sellars. Notorious episode from the Clearances.

  5. 5
    Kerry on 1 Jan 2020 #

    Oh – I thought the theme was Scottish people, but the other answers suggest it’s Patricks – so maybe it’s just the author’s name that’s being looked for in 6!

  6. 6
    enitharmon on 3 Jan 2020 #

    A round of Patricks.
    #1 Patrick Gordon, as already noted.
    #2 is Croagh Patrick, destination of the Reek Sunday pilgrimage
    #5 is the ballad Sir Patrick Spens “The kinge sate in Dunfermline toun/Drinking the blude-red wine”
    #7 is Patrick Sellar, major villain of the Highland Clearances.
    #9 is Pádraig Pearse, 1916 Easter Riser

  7. 7
    Tim N on 4 Jan 2020 #

    Given the theme, you have to fancy Patrick Leigh Fermor for #8.

  8. 8
    jeff w on 4 Jan 2020 #

    I figured #4 had to be connected to sherry/Jerez, as we’ve had a question on that subject in a previous year. A bit of Googling turned up William Garvey – who established the bodega San Patricio in Jerez, “after Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, and later its Fino and indeed William’s son were also given that name”.


  9. 9
    jeff w on 4 Jan 2020 #

    …and #10 is from the opening lines of the poem ‘The Great Hunger’ by Patrick Kavanagh (Googled again)

  10. 10
    Jojo on 5 Jan 2020 #

    Well done everyone. Still don’t have a clue re #3 or #4 and #10 of the 1919 section. Getting slow in my old age.

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