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Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 9

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1 Who wrote about the polymath, Joseph Bologne?

2 Whose prestige product honours a former naval person?

3 Who progressed from Arras via Sens and Rouen to finally settle in Avignon?

4 Who was the life and soul of King’s Abbot, but was stabbed by the local GP?

5 Who added the inscription “Like this poor creatur” at the front of Miss Lee’s dictionary?

6 Who was put ashore on a Kerry beach by SM U-19, but due to a bout of Malaria was apprehended soon afterwards?

7 Who outperformed his brother Osborne and became a senior wrangler and fellow of Trinity?

8 Which gentleman of Worcestershire received a huge pike from Will Wimble?

9 Who prepared a seven-part treatise of great scholarship for Clement IV?

10 Who was accused of the murder of the Doomed Acme?


  1. 1
    jeff w on 8 Jan 2019 #

    4. looks like more Agatha Christie. Is this Roger Ackroyd? Are the answers all Rogers?

  2. 2
    mark sinker on 8 Jan 2019 #

    good guess (i think)

    (5) is roger walker, youngest of the swallows (and amazons) walkers, in arthur ransome’s missee lee

    the full note in the book (i had to look this up) is hic liber est meus/testis est deus/ si quis furetur/per collum pendetur (this book is mine, as god is witness: if anyone steals it, may they be hanged by the neck), which lee had written in her book as an indication she was well educated and not always a pirate queen, as she is in the book — and which roger had enhanced to indicate he was a naughty cheeky schoolnoy scamp who knows the lore and language of boarding school and classical ed)

    (lee was based — character not biography — on soong ching ling, wife of founding chinese revolutionary dr sun yat sen, one of the three remarkable soong sisters)

  3. 3
    mark sinker on 8 Jan 2019 #

    (the comma in question 1 is annoying me: it shouldn’t have one)

  4. 4
    katstevens on 8 Jan 2019 #

    I think 2. is Pol Roger then – Cuvee Winston Churchill is their spesh.

  5. 5
    Alan on 9 Jan 2019 #

    (The annoying comma is in the http://www.kwc.im source, boo)

    I guess this makes 10 Roger Rabbit??

  6. 6
    Alan on 9 Jan 2019 #

    and 9 will be Bacon then (I admit to googling the dates of that pope – is that cheating? Oddly, two clicks removed, that gave me another of the answers)

  7. 7
    Andrew Farrell on 9 Jan 2019 #

    I’m going to guess that 6 is Roger Casement then, an Irish freedom fighter at about the time (IE just over 100 years ago) when they would occasionally get lifts home on U-Boats.

  8. 8
    Mark M on 9 Jan 2019 #

    Re comment3: Those annoying unnecessary commas when people are introduced into a sentence are rampant at the moment! I have no idea why they’ve spread in the last three or four years – maybe there’s some software pushing them.

  9. 9
    mark sinker on 9 Jan 2019 #

    I blame the telly! People reading voiceovers for e.g. cookery programmes are very clearly inserting them, with declamatory emphasis (= big pauses).

    They were always a minor danger with some writers but yes, they have ramped up greatly in recent years.

  10. 10
    enitharmon on 9 Jan 2019 #

    Yes, they are all Rogers.

    1. Roger de Beauvoir, who wrote a novel about the life of Bologne, the Chevalier de Saint-George, known as the Black Mozart amongst other things.
    3. A progression to Avignon screamed “Avignon Popes” to me, and sure enough Clement VI was originally Pierre Roger.
    4. Yes, Agatha’s back again. Roger Ackroyd.
    6. is definitely Roger Casement.
    8. Sir Roger de Coverley, featured in satires by Richard Steele and subsequently a dance.
    9. Definitely Roger Bacon.
    10. And definitely Roger Rabbit.

  11. 11
    enitharmon on 9 Jan 2019 #

    7. is Roger Hamley in Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘Wives and Daughters’.

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