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Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 7 (really)

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Which periodical:

1 Was found under Adrian’s bed by his mother?

2 Provided Mr Finch with a £10 prize for solving a crossword?

3 Carried the headline DIAR KNAB NI EFIL OT THGUORB EERHT?

4 Published an ode by the poet laureate to the seasonal fluctuation of its sales?

5 Described the brutal slaying of two summer visitors as they frolicked in the chill waters off the Scotch Road Beach?

6 Under the headline BRILLIANT POLICE INVESTIGATION, described a dog kennel concealing bodies in a disused well?

7 Likened the death of Tom Robinson to the senseless killing of songbirds by hunters and children?

8 Had an office which looked like a public lavatory in honest native white tile?

9 Was successfully established by the schoolmaster’s son of Kilmaclavers?

10 Was delivered by an owl at a cost of 5 Knuts?


  1. 1
    Alan on 7 Jan 2019 #

    Shall we try that again. ROUND 7, GO…

  2. 2
    enitharmon on 7 Jan 2019 #

    1. Educated guess – Health & Efficiency?

    3. I remember years ago as a teenager reading a science-fiction story in an anthology involving an alternative universe where everything was done backwards. So I’m thinking one of those 1950s SF magazines like Galaxy. I’m sure there’s somebody on FT who will know all about these things better than I do.

    7. is the basic premise of To Kill A Mockingbird but I don’t think that was published in a periodical.

  3. 3
    jeff w on 7 Jan 2019 #

    1. is ‘Big & Bouncy’! (that’s the second qn in this quiz based on the first set of A Mole diaries)
    7. is the Maycomb Tribune (in an editorial after Tom was shot trying to escape from prison)

    I won’t claim to know either of these off by heart, but the books were to hand. Didn’t google.

    2. rings a bell
    10. sounds Harry Potterish, but have never read any of those.

  4. 4
    jeff w on 7 Jan 2019 #

    oh and could 5. be the Amity Times (or whatever the local rag was called) in Peter Benchley’s ‘Jaws’?

  5. 5
    Kerry on 7 Jan 2019 #

    2 feels like a Dorothy Sayers/Peter Wimsey reference, but no idea of the periodical name.

  6. 6
    katstevens on 7 Jan 2019 #

    1. Is definitely Big’n’Bouncy. That’s the only question in the entire quiz I was 100% sure of!

    Is 3. the paper that Kryten(?) reads out when the Red Dwarf crew land on Backwards Earth? I can’t remember what that was called – Nus Eht, maybe?

  7. 7
    enitharmon on 7 Jan 2019 #

    Jeff @ 3: Good call… http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Knut

    10. The Daily Prophet.

  8. 8
    katstevens on 8 Jan 2019 #

    Googled to check 3 – the paper is called “Yadretsey”.

  9. 9
    Alan on 9 Jan 2019 #

    Ha, it really was from Red Dwarf – it was a passing thought “it might be”, but seemed like an odd ref for KWQ.
    ref: https://www.clivebanks.co.uk/Red%20Dwarf/Backwards.htm

    KRYTEN: I got a newspaper.

    KRYTEN holds up the newspaper. The headline reads ‘DIAR KNAB NI EFIL OT THGUORB EERHT’. The paper’s name is ‘Yadretsey’.

    RIMMER: What’s the year? (Reading from the paper) 3991?

    KRYTEN: No, it’s 1993 – it’s backwards. I’ll switch to reverse mode. (Reading from the paper) “Three brought to life in bank raid. A masked man with a sawed-off shotgun sucked bullets out of two cashiers and a security guard in a South London bank tomorrow. The armed raider then forced terrified staff to accept 10,000 pounds, which he demanded they place in the bank’s vaults. The man, Michael Ellis, completed a fifteen year prison sentence for the crime two years ago.”

  10. 10
    Alan on 9 Jan 2019 #

    9 appears to be BUCHAN, AGANE. the “Centre–Forward” https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/b/buchan/john/castle-gay/chapter2.html

  11. 11
    Alan on 9 Jan 2019 #

    naturally 6 is a HOLMES question. The “North Surrey Observer”. It’s from the conclusion of The Adventure of the Retired Colourman…

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