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Wiki-illiams Quizz 2018. Round 13

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Which hospital:

1 Was a beneficiary of the South Sea Bubble?

2 Recalls an alternative title of Princess Diana?

3 Was built as a memorial to a solicitor’s wife at Moor Edge?

4 Was renamed after a Welsh surgeon and a pioneering English nurse?

5 Was a memorial to a pioneer in anaesthesia, whose extraction device still remains popular?

6 Was established with an endowment from a former physician to Belvedere House, Calcutta?

7 Owed its foundation to the bequest of the Bursar of a Hall in the same street?

8 Was financed by the legacy of the inventor of a sniper’s rifle?

9 Was named after a grandly multiparous “farmer’s wife”.

10 Was founded by a sometime Master Cutler?


  1. 1
    enitharmon on 13 Jan 2019 #

    2. Is the Countess of Chester hospital in, er, Chester. Earl of Chester is one of the titles that goes with being Prince of Wales.

  2. 2
    jeff w on 13 Jan 2019 #

    Re: 8. I know that Joseph Whitworth, who created the sharpshooter rifle, left much of his wealth to the city of Manchester and this presumably enabled at least one hospital.

  3. 3
    Matthew K on 14 Jan 2019 #

    Christie Hospital, apparently. https://interestingengineering.com/sir-joseph-whitworth-master-of-screws
    5 is the Edinburgh Royal Maternity and Simpson Memorial Hospital (for James Simpson who first demonstrated chloroform anaesthesia and developed a vacuum assisted extractor for difficult childbirth) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Young_Simpson

  4. 4
    katstevens on 16 Jan 2019 #

    Looked up some hospitals on wikipedia:
    1 is Guy’s Hospital. Thomas Guy sold his shares in the South Sea company before the bubble burst. When he died he left the hospital about £31m in today’s money.
    3 was the Fleming Memorial Hospital (now closed) named after John Fleming (a rando solicitor https://www.generosityfestival.co.uk/the-philanthropists/fleming-john)
    10 is the Jessop Hospital for Women in Sheffield, named after Thomas Jessop.

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