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snow globe The centrepiece of Sainsbury’s Christmas range this year is “The Snow Globe”. This boldly rejects all traditional packaging and is sold in a sealed plastic dome, which fanciness probably adds 50p to the cost of the not-all-that-large sandwich. Unless Sainsbury’s are taking a Blue Monday 12″ style profit hit, which I very much doubt.

What is it? “Christmas dinner in a brioche bun” or in plainer terms a turkey and bacon roll. The brioche bun has tiny stars on, nicely captured in this image I nicked off Twitter, and is very pleasant and fluffy, but (surely to nobody’s surprise) the whole thing suffers from over-ambition and ultimately disappoints.

The problem is the bold decision to have both a layer of cranberry and a layer of “sprout slaw”. High marks on paper for seeing the christmas dinner concept through and including sprouts, but in practice both layers are a bit too gloopy. Which combined with the softness of the bread gives the Snow Globe a slightly sloppy and pre-chewed feel. A bit less of the cranberry, and (sad to say) a more robust bread, and the bitterness of the slaw would have balanced the sweetness very nicely. As it is, the Snow Globe is… no great shakes.


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    Cumbrian on 11 Dec 2017 #

    My abiding impression of this series thus far this year is that the packaging for these sandwiches is, at best, ostentatious and, at worst, outright wasteful. I appreciate that the little plastic tray separating Tesco’s Finest sandwiches is a year round phenomenon but that doesn’t make it any better. If I were in Sainsbury’s, I wouldn’t buy this on general principle, based on the packaging alone.

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    Tom on 12 Dec 2017 #

    This is a very fair comment! At least Pret is fairly reasonable on this count, with just the bit of plastic on the front.

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    Steve Mannion on 12 Dec 2017 #

    Ban the brioche. In addition to the noted criticisms ideally this would also be in an actual (biodegradable) bauble that you could twist open.

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