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2017 Albums I Like Part 2

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horseface I am still listening to a new-to-me LP every day! A lot – in fact, most – of those LPs come from this year. So here are 30 MORE albums I’ve enjoyed a lot, in some kind of ranking. Confusingly perhaps, these are not all records released in April-June, but records I heard for the first time in April-June. That pedantic point is of interest only to me: what YOU want to know (maybe) is what these good records are.

1. HORSEFACE – Jaakausi (Charming Swedish post-rock, like a lost Too Pure signing)
2. POLO & PAN – Caravelle (Summertime bubblegum house-pop from France)
3. HAUSCHKA – What If? (Bustling future visions, like Olaf Stapledon with player-pianos)
4. JLIN – Black Origami (Intense, brain-twisting footwork epic)
5. ANGALEENA PRESLEY – Wrangled (Smart, tuneful, country; part wistful, part kick-ass)
6. SZA – Control (R&B act achieves the near-impossible by making 20something relationship angst compelling)
7. OMAR SOULEYMAN – From Syria, With Love (Does what the title says, and you could dance to it)
8. PARAMORE – After Laughter (Big, bright pop move from perennial emo kid faves)
9. OCTO OCTA – Where Are We Going? (Sparkly, expansive house music)
10. KENDRICK LAMAR – DAMN. (Hip-hop monarch embraces the banger)

11. MARA BALLS – Elava Kivi (Soft-voiced Finnish stoner rock)
12. THE MOUNTAIN GOATS – Goths (I wear black on the outside but yacht is how I feel on the inside)
13. VINCE STAPLES – Big Fish Theory (One of 2017’s best electronic LPs is a rap record)
14. CHRISTIAN SCOTT – Ruler Rebel (Keening solos and trap beats)
15. TALABOMAN – The Night Land (Languid but rich techno)
16. JANE WEAVER – Modern Kosmology (Motorik synthpop with esoteric trappings)
17. GEKO – Lionheart (Tender UK afrobeats pop with the shonkiest sleeve of the year)
18. CUPCAKKE – Queen Elizabitch (Gleefully filth-packed hip-hop)
19. STEPS – Tears On The Dancefloor (Everything you might possibly want from a new Steps LP)
20. CHERRY GLAZERR – Apocalypstick (Swaggering teenage hard rock)
21. JOE GODDARD – Electric Lines (Delightful house nostalgia from solo Hot Chip bloke)
22. CLAP! CLAP! – A Thousand Skies (Patchworks of remixed and cut-up afropop)
23. HOUSE AND LAND – House And Land (Eerie, grainy, ancient Americana)
24. LAUREL HALO – Dust (Electronic assemblages which either infuriate or lock onto something magical)
25. JONI VOID – Selfless (Electronic concept album about erasure. No, not that Erasure.)
26. STOKLEY – Introdicing Stokley (R&B trouper drops romantic wisdom, hooks.)
27. MARY LATTIMORE – Collected Pieces (Avant-garde harp soundscapes)
28. FOREST SWORDS – Compassion (Weighty electronica, a bit goth if I’m honest)
29. PALEHOUND – A Place I’ll Always Go (Sorrowful, delicate indie rock)
30. BEDOUINE – Bedouine (70s-style orchestral folk-pop, generous with hooks)

There have been LOADS of other good records released in the last three months, I’m sure (and the July-September list already has at least one fantastic find). Tell me about them in the comments, if you like.


  1. 1
    punctum on 12 Jul 2017 #

    Vince STABLES?

  2. 2
    Tom on 12 Jul 2017 #

    Oops. Corrected! I blame the influence of HORSEFACE.

  3. 3
    Camille on 12 Jul 2017 #

    I’m enjoying the new WATERS album…very catchy

  4. 4
    Tom on 12 Jul 2017 #

    I assume not ROGER?

  5. 5
    byebyepride on 12 Jul 2017 #


  6. 6
    Best remain anonymous on 12 Jul 2017 #

    I do rather like the Roger Waters album. The hopeless misanthropy is balanced out by Nigel Godrich’s recreation of 70s Floyd.

  7. 7
    jeff w on 19 Jul 2017 #

    See my comment on the Halfway House post. Since then, add albums by Sevyn Streeter, Ondatrópica, This Is The Kit, Kumisolo, Wednesday Campanella and Deerful. Also the Soulwax album is much better than a Soulwax project in 2017 has any right to be.

  8. 8
    lockedintheattic on 28 Jul 2017 #

    My favourite discovery of the quarter was Harriet Brown’s Cryptid – one of the few prince influenced singers who gets the weird as well as the pop / funk

  9. 9
    James BC on 1 Aug 2017 #

    Most of the new music I listen to these days seems to be by Joe Goddard, so I don’t have the broadest frame of reference, but I do love his album and would probably be recommending it if it wasn’t already on the list. Delightful is the word (and so is nostalgia).

    Not from the last three months, but the recommendation I do have is Parklands by Hiatus. Have people heard of it? Hiatus seems to have done a lot of good stuff but this one features my other hot tip Shura on most of the tracks.

  10. 10
    anatol_merklich on 2 Aug 2017 #

    Camille: “Ouï”. Not someone whose career I’ve followed at all, but liked this one on a friend’s mention. There’s something, not only in the apparent play with syllable sounds, but more importantly in the melodic lines, that gives me somewhat Liz Fraser-y vibes.

  11. 11
    dollymix on 8 Aug 2017 #

    The best recent things I’ve heard are the new Saint Etienne and Richard Dawson’s “Peasant” (retro Brit folk-rock with an almost noise-rock approach).

    Thanks for highlighting this Polo & Pan album, just listened to it and quite enjoyed it.

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