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The Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2015

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taytay-kanyayTAYLOR & KANYE: Hi everyone!

TAYLOR: What a year it’s been.

KANYE: I know, I totally won an award and you didn’t! There is a complete Blank Space in your trophy cabinet.

TAYLOR: Shhh, we’re meant to be bezzie mates now. And I totally won loads of awards. I just can’t remember what they were now.

KANYE: Sure Britney, and I’m the President of the United States. Why don’t you tell the good folks why we’re here?

TAYLOR: I could well take you in a fight, you know. Anyway, we’re delighted to announce that submissions for the Freaky Trigger Readers’ Poll 2015 are now open!

KANYE: I am also showing more boob than you are.

TAYLOR: Feminism has truly triumphed.

Thanks TayTay and KanYay – the voting for this year’s FT Poll is indeed open, assuming I can remember the login for the account. All you need to do is email poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com with your top 20 songs of the year.

– The closing date is 11.59pm GMT on 31st December 2015.
– The order of your top 20 is important! Your #1 will be allocated more points than #20.
– If you can’t think of 20 songs then 10 or 14 or 1 is just fine.

I’m not going to be strict on release dates because Literally Who Knows These Days, but if a song appeared in last year’s poll I’ll let you know and you can choose something else. I forgot to do even this most basic of checks last year, so if you are intent on sabotage then feel free to take advantage of my laziness.

Judging by previous years, everyone’s #1 choice is likely to get a mention even if no-one else votes for it, so this is also the chance for you to plug your obscure fave. Minimal techno, trombone skronk, Guatemalan ragga all welcome.

P.S. We are being deluged with comment spam at the moment, please have patience while we pick our way through the moderation queue!


  1. 1
    katstevens on 4 Dec 2015 #

    NB if you are reading this, then you count as a reader! All submissions are welcome, even if this is literally the only FT post you have read all year. We like a broad spectrum innit.

  2. 2
    swanstep on 5 Dec 2015 #

    Thanks for running this again Kat. I have to say that pop this year hasn’t really grabbed me at all (with one completely obvious notable exception), and a whole bunch of albums that I was initially pretty positive about, e.g., Currents, Depression Cherry, Vulnicura (from Tame Impala, Beach House, and Bjork respectively) haven’t stuck with me. In sum, I’m more down on and more untouched by contemporary music than I’ve been in a while, maybe ever. I’m going to have to do some very constructive listening over the next week or two – listening through other people’s year-end-lists and the like – to come close to having a full ballot this time, which is a bit depressing!

  3. 3
    logged out Tracer Hand on 14 Dec 2015 #

    For me this has been a fantastic year, partic Rae Sremmurd, Kendrick, D’Angelo and Carly Rae – a lot of very strong albums that reward many many many listens. And don’t forget we did have at least two songs that not only took over the whole universe but had their own dances – Hotline Bling and The Whip/Nae Nae

  4. 4
    weej on 26 Dec 2015 #

    Do we need to order, or can we have another “everything gets 10 points”? Because I can come up with 20 tracks by the end of the week, but ordering them may be beyond me.

  5. 5
    katstevens on 28 Dec 2015 #

    Ideally ordered, yes, but if required I can always bung ’em through the randomiser.

  6. 6
    katstevens on 28 Dec 2015 #

    Also to be 100% clear: it is UP TO twenty tracks. Top 10 or Top 5 is fine. If you can only remember one song from this year that you liked, send it over!

  7. 7
    katstevens on 31 Dec 2015 #

    A few hours left to vote! Thanks to everyone who’s sent in their ballot so far and a GENTLE NUDGE to regulars who haven’t done theirs yet :)

  8. 8
    katstevens on 1 Jan 2016 #

    Voting is now CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who voted – without you there would be no poll. Results to be posted over the next few weeks!

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