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The 16th Annual Freaky Trigger Between Christmas and New Year Pub Crawl: The Kennington Catapult Arm

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Pub crawl time once more and it is about time we went South (or actually East) of the river, and to celebrate the Crawl being able to join the army we are heading to Kennington for a gentle wander from the river to Kennington Station. As ever its on the 29th December, and starts at 3pm (er – apologies for forgetting this key info, but its always on the 29th apart from when it wasn’t).

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So your route for the day is as follows:

3pm The Tamesis Dock: We’re on a boat, pub on a boat, everybody look at us we’re on a MotherFucking Boat.
4pm Zeitgeist@The Jolly Gardeners: Its a German Pub, Bitteballen, Bratwurst, Dunkel, Christmas Market hangovers
5pm The Black Prince: As seen in Kingsman: The Secret Service.
5:45pm: The Tommyfield: Look! Nice stripped wood, gastrohell – not to be confused with Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers
6:30pm: The Prince Of Wales. Unless the Queen dies in which case The King.
7:30pm: Oaka@The Mansion House: Marvel at the wide range of Oakham beers that all – er – taste the same
8:30pm The Old Red Lion: It is literally next door to the Mansion House so whichever takes your fancy…

The start is a five minute walk from Vauxhaul Station, the end is opposite Kennington Tube Station. Though some of us might be going to South London Pacific at the end of the night because Tiki Bar.

Usual pub crawl rules apply, its not about drinking, its about hanging out. If a pub is closed, we will probably go to the next one (though if we are in the middle we might go to the Dog House). Facebook / Twitter @pb14 . Come and have fun!


  1. 1
    Patrick Mexico on 24 Dec 2015 #

    Sounds great! But do you have a date?

  2. 2
    Mark M on 24 Dec 2015 #

    It’s the 29th.

    (The 16th one? Blimey. All these years and I still haven’t made it along. V. poor. I am normally at work, as I will be this year, but still…)

  3. 3
    Tommy Mack on 24 Dec 2015 #

    Once again I am out of town. Hopefully I will get to meet up with you folks eventually, just probably won’t be between Xmas and nye :-(

  4. 4

    Unfortunately for me this is in serious doubt, as most of Lancashire is under water :( and I thought it was only fair I should offer to help the clean-up operation in my homeland, too close to family and friends for comfort, and some of the worst-affected areas I can walk to in half an hour. Sorry about that but I’ll keep fighting the good fight and posting the good posts in 2016 – my fellow FT’ers, have a great pub crawl and a very Happy New Year.

  5. 5
    Pete on 29 Dec 2015 #

    So we are in the first pub, having done a reckie. Two pubs closed. So the new line up : Zeitgeist closed, so the Duchy arms at 4PM (NO EARLIER) on Sandcroft St, (parallel to Black Prince Rd). Then swop the Tommyfield for the Dog House opposite.

  6. 6
    Mark M on 29 Dec 2015 #

    And so I finally made along to one of these things. Deeply impressed by how prompt and orderly everyone was at leaving each pub and moving on. Some interesting – and varied – pubs, too (a few of which I got to visit again as I retraced my steps in an attempt to retrieve a mislaid loaf of bread – successfully, because, as once discussed in a Lost Property Office podcast, I’m lucky that way).

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