Dec 15

Note on vanishing comments

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Our spam filter is being weird — it is basically holding EVERYTHING “pending moderation” (which I think means we have to go through it manually). I’ve just gone back over this evening and rescued everything I spotted (that’s about an hour’s work), but I’m afraid it’s easy to miss stuff in the torrent of weird garbage (tellytubbies p0rn, bots that ask you to write their essays from them, golfing spam and so on) so apologies if I missed yours.

Plus it only seems to holding the last 7,000 attempted comments, which (to give you an idea) only takes us back to 27 November, i.e. five days ago. So I imagine anything posted before then that didn’t display is lost forever (or anyway needs to be reposted).

Normal service will be resumed when we work out why the spam filter is misbehaving.


  1. 1
    Tommy Mack on 4 Dec 2015 #

    I assumed it was because my half-arsed thoughts about quite liking Spiceworld were TOO EDGE for Freakytrigger…

  2. 2

    thx to our tireless admin alan i think the problem is now sorted — if any comments have still not appeared then probably they will have to be posted again

  3. 3
    Pierce on 1 Apr 2021 #

    Bulk url opener

  4. 4
    Reader on 2 Apr 2021 #

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    Hope Little on 3 Apr 2021 #

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    Hope Little on 3 Apr 2021 #

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    Calvin Stuart on 27 May 2021 #

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