Jul 14

Freaky Trigger Logins And Comments Trouble

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We know there have been some serious issues recently with the login and comment system. The main ones being:

– Logins not working (or not appearing to work)
– Comments not showing up

Both of these are down to caching issues, and we’re working to resolve them with our current hosts or find a different solution. In the meantime, our apologies.

If you can’t get your login to work, try clicking on another post – it sometimes shows up after that. If it still doesn’t work, you should also be able to post comments unlogged.

If your comments don’t immediately show up, this is likely a result of the caching issues. Wait 10 minutes before reposting.

Sorry once again for the hassle – the comments are really important and we are hoping we can get everything sorted out again before too long.


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    Cumbrian on 21 Jul 2014 #

    Is Popular voting also suffering? During an idle lunch hour today, I noticed that the least controversial #1s are the two immediately prior to Billie’s latest effort with a standard deviation of 0 – which seems to suggest either everyone is voting exactly the same way or no one is voting at all.

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