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I Love It

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I see from my Twitter feed (Lena Dunham Panopticon Division) that the song “I Love It” by Icona Pop is “happening” now. That’s fine by me, I like that song. One reason I like it is because of its fiendish lyrical meta-trap viz.

SHOUTY ICONA POP WOMAN: “You’re from the seventies! And I’m a nineties bitch!”
POP CRITIC OF A CERTAIN AGE (THINKS): “You certainly are, you sound exactly like Shampoo.”

Devilish cunning. Anyway I wish them all the best and it will be interesting to see how actual young people take to the record.


  1. 1
    Weej on 30 Jan 2013 #

    Hopefully these “young people” won’t start crashing their cars into bridges (I’m from the seventies too, but that makes me sound like I’m from the fifties).
    Icona Pop are like a bit like Shampoo, yes, but with growling dub effects instead of session guitars and keys (this is, of course, a brilliant thing all round.)

  2. 2
    Tom Lawrence on 30 Jan 2013 #

    I think it’s interesting to see who’ll assume ownership of being a “nineties bitch” and not. I was born in 1986, which is around the same times as Icona Pop themselves were, but I remember Shampoo just fine; the comparison is apt and only heightens the pleasure of the song for me.

    The people I think of as the actual young people – i.e. current teens – would have been born in the mid-to-late 90s by now, but do they think of themselves as “from the nineties” thereby? I wonder, but I suspect not.

  3. 3
    swanstep on 30 Jan 2013 #

    Shampoo’s new to me, but listening to their ‘Trouble’ now I guess it is the same (weak) idea as the Icona Pop. ‘I Love It”s use on Girls this week was, however, the highlight of a poor episode; it definitely made the track sound better than it is.

  4. 4
    Another Pete on 30 Jan 2013 #

    #2 You’ve also got to remember than not only are they from the nineties they are also from the last century.

    Icona Pop = Fuzzbox, Shampoo, Republica, Helen Love..

  5. 5
    weej on 31 Jan 2013 #

    #4 – Been thinking about this today, are you really going to lump all those groups together? The first two are maybe fair enough, but the only link I can see between Republica and Helen Love is that they were fronted by women. Isn’t this a bit “all female fronted bands are the same”?

  6. 6
    Tom on 31 Jan 2013 #

    There’s a strand there, but it rightly should include Carter USM and Art Brut too.

  7. 7
    Pete on 31 Jan 2013 #

    Yes, not sure Republica belongs (to po-faced), the rest are pop groups who are happy to be silly…

  8. 8
    Another Pete on 31 Jan 2013 #

    I only put Republica there as they were the only dance pop-riotgrrl crossover act I could think of

  9. 9
    wichita lineman on 1 Feb 2013 #

    I think of Republica as sonically closer to Transvision Vamp than Bikini Kill. The lovely Saffron had been the singer on N-Joi’s Anthem, and Johnny ‘Soul Family Sensation’ Male wrote their hits, so they were a rum lot all round. But they were certainly no Shampoo.

  10. 10
    punctum on 1 Feb 2013 #

    1. Two of the song’s three writers are male.
    2. Both Icona Pop ladies were born in the eighties.
    3. But I’m a sixties person so what do I know?
    4. Decent enough song, or would be if it ever got beyond its one initial idea.

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