May 12

ADMIN: Call for commenters to list problems they’ve had posting (especially recently)

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Marcello and Lena have both reported getting either “you just posted that” (when they didn’t) or “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down” messages from the WordPress bots. Is anyone else routinely getting these? I had a quick trawl through the support forums and this issue seems widespread (tho not very recently). I don’t understand the explanation myself, but I didn’t expect to.

(If you’re having trouble posting in this comment thread, email me! marksink3r at g00glemail d0t c0m)


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    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 9 Jul 2012 #

    Hullo all: I did put this up not so long ago, but no regulars chose to answer. The most recent WordPress update seems to have unleashed several problems — the search function, extreme sluggishness for some posters and curious “posting too quickly” type admonitions for some posters also, plus the googlefeed and the RSS feed (are these different things?) no longer working. Anything I’m missing?

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    Lazarus on 9 Jul 2012 #

    I had the ‘posting too quickly’ message a couple of times, but I haven’t seen it for a few weeks – and I don’t really use the search much tbh.

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    lonepilgrim on 9 Aug 2012 #

    I’ve just a rush of FT posts (dating back to the 28th May) pop up in my RSS feed reader so I’m guessing something just got fixed

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    Alan not logged in on 9 Aug 2012 #


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    Just as a follow-up to the recent exchange on the Overlanders Reunion thread.

    The “mail us” link at top of page does work and is looked at periodically, *BUT* the signal to noise ration is awful: not many people send us emails that way, but many many many many spambots do, so it’s extremely easy to miss genuine messages buried way down in the junk. Until we work out a way round this, it’s probably best to wave vigorously at us from the threads until you get a response — and this can be a lottery too, timewise, I’m afraid, as no one on the (small and unpaid) admin team is remotely able to be checking FT 24-7, or following up as quickly as they’d like. Patient persistence are your friends here.

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    chelovek na lune on 6 Nov 2014 #

    Not a problem posting as such, but the “edit post” feature has been behaving with unprecedented promiscuity over the last few days . Whereas in the past, only the person who made a comment was able to edit it during a given window of time, now allcomers seem to have the option to edit other people’s recent posts (presumably made during that same window of time) is available, which is presumably not intentional, and could be a cause of much mischief…

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