Jan 12

deduce my theory: napoleon of w/evs dept

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    weej on 16 Jan 2012 #

    It’s uncanny isn’t it? I swear it’s deliberate.
    Or else the guy just applied for the role and they realised how much it would confuse everyone.

  2. 2
    Mark G on 16 Jan 2012 #

    Is FreakyTrigger/Popular broken?

  3. 3

    There is something odd up with the code, yes. It is being looked into.

  4. 4
    Erithian on 16 Jan 2012 #

    Andrew Scott also played Paul McCartney in “Lennon Naked” opposite Christopher Eccleston’s Lennon. Various people have commented on the very-odd-ness of Sherlock Holmes confronting Macca.

    Macca/Moriarty giving a noteworthy performance on a London rooftop – hmmm? But then we’re pretty convinced that Moriarty is dead although some think he isn’t, whereas we’re pretty convinced Paul McCartney is alive although some think he isn’t. What can it all mean?

  5. 5
    thefatgit on 16 Jan 2012 #

    Of course Moriarty is still alive. What’s puzzling me is how Sherlock managed it!?!

    Oh well, all will be revealed in series 3!

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