Jun 10

Childwickbury (cheesy lover #85)

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A pasturised goats cheese from Hertfordshire, bought from Neal’s Yard Dairy.

Childwickbury always makes me think of the moon; it’s a round of pure white, incredibly young cheese. It’s damp and crumbly, an adolescent creature existing in some hinterland between fresh curd and a grown-up cheese.

In the mouth it’s both creamy and acidic – first off, the sweet, milkiness appears, and then it opens out into a huge bright zesty lemonish explosion, reminding me of really tart lemon curd. It sparkles, almost fizzes, in my mouth. There’s a tiny, hidden sniff of grass and herbs somewhere in here as well, lurking deep below the lemon.

Cheese-eating chum says it has a wonderfully fresh mouthfeel. In a fit of hypocrisy, I laugh at his using the word mouthfeel. But he’s right! This cheese is like fresh green grass and bright warm sunshine after a spring shower. It’s delicious, and refreshing, and incredibly cheerful, and it always makes me grin when I eat it. I’m grinning now just thinking about it.

(We made a lovely cheesecake from this once; cornmeal and oregano base, covered with a mixture of childwicksbury, lemon juice and icing sugar, and topped with a slice of sugared lemon. And it’s my number one top cheese for eating with figs.)


  1. 1
    unlogged mog on 11 Jun 2010 #

    Ooooooh. Is it spreadable?

  2. 2
    marna on 11 Jun 2010 #

    Squishable, more than spreadable. Slightly crumble-able. UTTERLY SCOFFABLE!

  3. 3
    unlogged mog on 11 Jun 2010 #

    Like cottage cheese then? I have been trying to find cottage goats cheese for ages.

  4. 4
    marna on 11 Jun 2010 #

    Possibly a bit like a pressed cottage cheese? It’s harder than a mainstream cottage cheese – maybe a bit more like a soft damp feta?

    NYD also sometimes sell fresh goat’s curds, which might be good? Or cottage cheese is really easy to make.

  5. 5
    unlogged mog on 11 Jun 2010 #

    Pressed cottage cheese is grebt; I always end up draining off the liquid anyway; I may have to go and have a poke around NYD on Saturday then! Mmm cottage cheese that I can sort of eat…

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