Dec 09

special gift for all our readers – Xmas playlist

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I put one together on Spotify for my own entertainment over the holidays, but others might enjoy it too: my Xmas playlist. It includes jazz, pop, reggae, soul, R&B, hip hop, rock, funk and country, among other things. It’s nearly four hours long, so you can skip bits if you like, but I particularly recommend some fairly obscure favourites: the Drifters’ White Christmas, Oscar McLollie And His Honeyjumpers’ Dig That Crazy Santa Claus, Huey Piano Smith & the Clowns’ ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, the Surfaris’ A Surfer’s Christmas List


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    Eric Berlatsky on 16 Feb 2010 #

    Dear Martin,

    I’m editing a book of Alan Moore interviews and was hoping that I might be able to include your old Watchmen discussion from Fantasy Advertiser. Please email me to discuss. It’s a great interview, and I would love to have it back in print.

  2. 2
    Martin Skidmore on 19 Feb 2010 #

    It’s certainly fine with me. You may know that someone transcribed it online a while back – http://www.johncoulthart.com/feuilleton/?p=613. That might save you some work. I hope I can get a free copy when it comes out!

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