Nov 09

It’s The New Hip-Hop Wars!

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It’s an all too common problem for the modern web surfer. There you are, browsing the internet, when suddenly you encounter a blog post informing you of the death of hip-hop. Shock! Horror! Why were you not informed?! Can it be so? While our own commentary on this important issue may have to wait (perhaps indefinitely), what we can provide you with is a simple and practical FLOW CHART to help you decide what ACTION to take when you encounter a death of hip-hop piece.



  1. 1
    Steve Mannion on 26 Nov 2009 #

    V useful thx

  2. 2
    Daniel on 26 Nov 2009 #

    This. Is. Excellent.

  3. 3
    Pete Baran on 26 Nov 2009 #

    This is very useful Tom, but surely there should be a conclusion that death must be wished upon the author.

  4. 4
    cis on 26 Nov 2009 #

    b-b-but he started it!

  5. 5
    Steve Mannion on 26 Nov 2009 #

    RIP (it up and start again) big man.

  6. 6
    Conrad on 26 Nov 2009 #

    Neat chart!

    Right, back to my Gang Starr…

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