Oct 09

CRISP PACKET COPY 3: Walkers Jamaican Jerk Chicken Crisps

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DSC00439An occasional series where we mock the nonsense written on crisp packets.

“It takes a more adventurous homegrown spud to volunteer for our sizzling Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Some spuds simply ‘dreaded’ not being picked so they went back to their roots (man!) to prove their worth. But the ones in this bag just chilled out ‘cos they knew they ware far better than the rest of the others.”

Well done Walkers, skirting accusations of racism and cultural stereotyping in three needless sentences to add nothing to a bag of crisps that tastes just like you mixed up the roast chicken powder with the picked onion powder.


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    Tommy Mack on 30 Oct 2009 #

    Give Walkers their due – their crisps used to be sh*te, but since they introduced that sunseed nonsense they’ve become a decent staple when fancier fair’s not available. Still laughed like a drain when Charlie Brooker described Cajun Squirrel as being like a dirty protest in a bag, mind.

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