May 09

the law of comments-thread toxicity (some developments)

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knitleralex harrowell of the yorkshire ranter proposes godwin score as a measure of a thread’s usefulness

daniel davies of dsquared digest proposes a better buzzer-causer than h!tler-mention

(useful pointer: the thread that alex and dsquared are actually commenting in is not itself especially relevant to this issue…)


  1. 1
    koganbot on 13 May 2009 #

    Well, mentions of H1tler can help ’cause the downfall of threads, whereas mentions of “reading comprehension” would just indicate that the thread is already beyond repair. I’d think, anyway.

    Still my favorite passage from ilX:

    And comparing him to H1tler? I think that’s the rudest, most iggnorant thing I have ever heard. H1tler killed 6 million people. Dave makes 6 million people happy every year by putting on amazing shows and for a few hours, making them forget about all the shit that goes on in the world.
    –from Dave Matthews Band: Name Your Reasons Why They Are So Bad & Hated

  2. 2
    koganbot on 13 May 2009 #

    But is there a good way to tell someone that he’s misread you? Or do you just give up?

  3. 3

    well i usually assume i have written something obscurely — but then i usually have!

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