Feb 09

– Service Interruptions

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Hi readers – we’re aware that the FT server has been erratic at best today if you’re accessing it via the site. We’re looking into this. Apologies, especially to any new readers who came looking for us after the MacCauley And Co. appearance this morning! Thanks for your patience.


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    admin on 18 Feb 2009 #

    Tom – i’ve just twigged what the problem is, as we have had this before, it’s just the symptoms are hard to identify.

    it’s to do with a bit of apache on the server that went wrong before. it’s the bit that allows us to use ‘pretty URLs’.

    to make the site half work until this is fixed, I have reverted the site to unpretty URLs.

    Popular is available at http://freakytrigger.co.uk/?cat=2

    We need to get the hosting dudes to restart apache for us, or clear some caches – i actually can’t remember how they fixed it last time, embarassingly.

    (The site will be a bit slower too because we’re not caching pages as much this way too)

  2. 2
    lonepilgrim on 20 Feb 2009 #

    welcome back – none of that last post means a thing to me – but I’m glad you got fixed

  3. 3
    admin on 20 Feb 2009 #

    still not fixed proper, we’re still a bit bumpy and slow, sorry.

    there are plans to improve things – hopefully substantially.

  4. 4
    admin on 21 Feb 2009 #

    Tom, Steve, FT bods generally, while we’re still being badly throttled i thought it might be worth trying a switch to another lower-bandwidth theme/design.

    with fewer requests (no images etc) we might improve the reliability that little bit more.

    meanwhile our pageviews are DYING. if you look at the analytics graph = :-(

  5. 5
    Tom on 23 Feb 2009 #

    I can’t currently log in so I can’t post to say that the site will be returning soon, on a new host server and in all-new redesigned glory. When we have an exact date for this – probably beginning of next week – I will let you all know!

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