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HOT CHOCOLATE – “So You Win Again”

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#408, 2 July 1977

Errol Brown brought angst to the dancefloor as regularly as Michael Jackson ever would, but Hot Chocolate’s neuroses were way more effortful, dredged up from some inner coil of dissatisfaction. The rising riff on “So You Win Again” sounds – in the best possible way – leaden, an anchor chain around Brown’s hopes, forever pulling him down. “Here I am again – A LOSER.” It’s not the best Hot Chocolate track – that might be the dystopic “Mindless Boogie”, or the uncomfortably pitiful “It Started With A Kiss”, or “Everyone’s A Winner”, this track’s savage flipside – but what it shares with the band’s best work is the sense of a man wearing a shabby overcoat of disappointment, doomed to misery.



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  1. 91
    Billy Smart on 20 Jan 2011 #

    Not the best-remembered of Hot Chocolate’s many hits, but still really exciting: http://drunkennessofthingsbeingvarious.blogspot.com/2011/01/hot-chocolate-dont-stop-it-now-1976-no.html

  2. 92
    punctum on 9 Oct 2014 #

    TPL arrives at the first of two chart-topping Hot Chocolate compilations.

  3. 93
    Tom on 6 May 2015 #

    RIP, Errol Brown.

  4. 94
    Jimmy the Swede on 6 May 2015 #

    Indeed yes, Tom. It’s farewell to the wonderful Errol Brown. Much beloved by just about everyone in the industry and certainly by me. RIP.

  5. 95
    Paulito on 6 May 2015 #

    Sad news indeed. Errol had oodles of charisma and a voice which could, in an inimitable and utterly convincing manner, convey everything from the sheerest sensual joy to the deepest desolation – sometimes within the same song. (The anguished, lovelorn side of the Chocs’ oeuvre is explored in fascinating – and very funny – depth in Punctum’s TPL appraisals.)

    PS I note from the obits that he was born in 1943, and not 1948 which was always his ‘official’ year of birth. So I’m happy to see that he lived five years longer than I initially thought. Still too young though.

    PPS back in the day we used to refer to Errol as ‘Old Malteser Head’, a nickname which of course was bestowed affectionately but which probably wouldn’t be permissible in today’s more sensitised climes.

  6. 96
    Lazarus on 11 Mar 2016 #

    The Reaper continues on his grim way – as ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ spent a week as runner-up to ‘So You Win Again’ perhaps this is the best place to note the demise of Keith Emerson. 71 (or thereabouts) seems to be a dangerous age just lately.

  7. 97
    Jimmy the Swede on 12 Mar 2016 #

    Sad news indeed, particularly as it appears this was suicide. A brilliant musician.

  8. 98
    lonepilgrim on 7 May 2017 #

    Errol Brown R.I.P.

  9. 99
    lonepilgrim on 7 May 2017 #

    “Errol Brown R.I.P.”
    err…….on this day two years ago
    never forget ,man….. never forget
    goes back to bed

  10. 100
    Gareth Parker on 2 May 2021 #

    A pleasant enough stroll from Errol and co. 6/10 would be my score.

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