Apr 08

Pop Open Week 2525

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Some bonus download material for you: and visit poptimists.muxtape.com to hear all twelve of the Pop Open Round 3 songs.


  1. 1
    inquisitor on 5 May 2008 #

    These songs make me happy. Any chance of them being ID’d?

  2. 2
    inquisitor on 23 May 2008 #

    Sorry but I am still dying to know what these are! Google lyrics searches turn up nothing.

  3. 3
    Tom on 23 May 2008 #

    Yes this is fair comment really! I will sort something out on it over this weekend.

  4. 4
    inquisitor on 8 Aug 2008 #

    i still haven’t figured out what these are : (

    does anyone know?

  5. 5
    lockedintheattic on 8 Aug 2008 #

    Know, I want to know as well, these were my two favourite tracks from the whole tournament and it frustrates me that they are still on my ipod as ‘track eleven’ and ‘track twelve’! :(

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