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Europop 2008 Schedule

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Thanks for the interest in Europop 2008 – here’s the list of participants and countries so far.

EUROPOP 2008 MANAGERIAL LIST (an asterix indicates I don’t have your email – please email me at leagueofpop@gmail.com and say hi!)

  • AUSTRIA – Steve M
  • CROATIA – Steve H/Tim
  • FRANCE – Alyson G
  • GERMANY – The Lex
  • GREECE – Tom
  • HOLLAND – Dr Mod*
  • ITALY – Matt DC
  • PORTUGAL – Greg
  • ROMANIA – Lockedintheattic
  • RUSSIA – Jessica P
  • SPAIN – Ben*
  • SWEDEN – Jel
  • TURKEY – Kat

And here’s the updated fixture list – I will need the MP3 before this date! Knockout stage games will have a shorter running length than the group stage ones.

  • 2nd June: Switzerland v Germany (QF1)
  • 5th June: Poland v Portugal (QF2)
  • 9th June: Winner Group C v Runner-Up Group D (QF3)
  • 12th June: Winner Group D v Runner-Up Group C (QF4)
  • 16th June: Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 2
  • 19th June: Winner QF 3 v Winner QF 4
  • 26th June: Final!

and then on into the knockout stages.

RULES: All tracks to be in MP3 format. Only one track per artist permitted during the competition. Any bitrate allowed but maximum file size is 20 Mb. Voting by a simple secret ballot preference poll. Commentaries and mind games encouraged.

SCORING – GROUP STAGE: 3 pts for a win, 1 pt for a draw, 0 pts for a loss. Win defined as a winning percentage of 60% or more in the vote. Majority votes of under 60% to count in case of ties at end of group stage.

SCORING – KNOCKOUT STAGE: Simple majority in vote gets you through. In the event of a tie we’ll think of something.

There! Now who wants to be Sweden?


  1. 1
    a logged out p^nk s lord sukråt wötsit on 29 Feb 2008 #

    an imperialist travesty as all can see and shall know

    xx yr pal ever, mullah resmat

  2. 2
    Kat on 29 Feb 2008 #

    Woo! The Portuguese side should BRACE THEMSELVES for the Turk onslaught!

  3. 3
    Matt DC on 29 Feb 2008 #

    Holland and their new manager are an UNKNOWN QUALITY. The Azzuri will have to throw everything we’ve got at them, especially if we’re to avoid a repeat of the sludge metal humiliation at the Pop World Cup.

  4. 4
    stevem on 29 Feb 2008 #

    I was tempted to ask if I could be Sweden but I think they are among the favourites and it’s either too easy or too much pressure on that basis.

    *wonders if Kruder & Dormeister have done anything good lately…*

  5. 5
    mitya on 29 Feb 2008 #

    not too worried about greece, but spain and sweden – this may be the group of death…

  6. 6
    jel on 29 Feb 2008 #

    I’d love to manage the Swedes if no one else wants ’em!

  7. 7
    Tom on 29 Feb 2008 #

    Tim H was talking in the pub about taking on Sweden – maybe one of you would be happy with the Croats? (I am thinking of shouldering the Greek burden)

  8. 8
    jel on 1 Mar 2008 #

    Oh, I wouldn’t be able to get any Croatian or Greek music I think, so it’d have to be Sweden or bust.

  9. 9
    CarsmileSteve on 1 Mar 2008 #

    i’ll play, croatia by preference, but greece ok.

  10. 10
    Koen on 1 Mar 2008 #

    Oh right, I’ve sent you an email about this – should have just commented here. I’m also up for any of these three (Swe > Gre > Cro).

  11. 11
    Matt DC on 1 Mar 2008 #

    About 10mins of preliminary research has already uncovered an atrocious italo-bosh cover of The Riddle by Nick Kershaw. Rest assured this is highly unlikely to make the squad.

  12. 12
    a logged out p^nk s lord sukråt wötsit on 1 Mar 2008 #

    “atrocious italo-bosh cover of The Riddle by Nick Kershaw” <— every word of this phrase is a total turn-on including “of” and “the”!!

  13. 13
    Alyson Tamara Guard on 2 Mar 2008 #

    Vive le France, although it is very difficult to narrow it down to 3 initial selections, I might go with a crazy skiing murderer, the “French New Order”, and Jodie Foster. But the possibilities…if I’m already knocked out, I’m just going to send in that baby from the early 90s who goo-gooed some mad choruses!


  14. 14
    Tom on 2 Mar 2008 #

    My dim recollection from this evening’s horse-trading:

    SWEDEN is being managed by Jel.
    CROATIA is being managed by Carsmile (First Team Coach) and Tim H (Director of Bosh)
    GREECE is being managed by ME! But if anyone wants to take them on instead they can.

  15. 15
    xyzzzz__ on 2 Mar 2008 #

    “Carsmile (First Team Coach) and Tim H (Director of Bosh)”

    How will they cope with the loss of Eduardo, I wonder?

  16. 16
    CarsmileSteve on 3 Mar 2008 #

    i’m not sure but i’m hoping this might help uncover some new talent. either that or find some moar brazilians with croatian heritage…

  17. 17
    Tom on 3 Mar 2008 #

    I still need emails for Coco and Dr Mod, by the way.

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