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Chocolate Filled Fruit : Om Nom Nom Ugh

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Quick eyeball – saw in my own shop Fruit Tella Choc Filled. Ugh I thought. Who wants the tasty fruit flavoured chew with a completely unwarranted burst of what is almost certainly some sort of chocolate flavoured glucose syrup centre? No-one, that’s who. And indeed our rack is kind of full. But then a closer examination of the product showed that these Fruit Tella’s are caramel flavoured.

From – one assumes – the caramel fruit.
(Picture stolen from SnackSpot as ever)

OK – I know that Fruit Tella is the brand name of the sweet, and I have never really considered what the Tella bit is anyway. But the Fruit bit – well that always seemed sacrosanct. (In as much as a brand name can be sacrosanct.) It reminded me of discovering chocolate yoghurts as a child. YOGHURTS WERE A FRUIT PRODUCT!* So I didn’t care if Mr Uppity wanted me to try a chocolate yoghurt – it was wrong.

It seems odd that I am so willing to try new, and exciting foods from different cultures, but when my own (sick, warped) culture throws up something as harmless as a chocolate filled caramel chew I feel revolted.

*See what a tangled web marketers weave? I probably didn’t come across so called natural yoghurt until my teens when I thought it was horrible. Because of Ski yoghurt conditioning. I had never been ski-ing either.


  1. 1
    Billy Smart on 30 Nov 2007 #

    I think that I can remember toffee yoghurt from some recess of my 1970s boyhood memories, and my finding it to be disgusting.

  2. 2
    a logged-out pˆnk s lord whatnot on 30 Nov 2007 #

    I love toffee yoghurt! But this is because the way we served ski to ourselves as kidZorZ = spoon in lots of sugar and mix it in before ready to eat!

    Also toffee is so a fruit — cf THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW for proof

  3. 3
    Pete Baran on 30 Nov 2007 #

    It would appear that this years must have app for confectionery is liquids gushing out anyway (cf various “Bursts”)

  4. 4
    RobM on 1 Dec 2007 #

    All fair enough, but have you actually tried them? ‘Cos they are really rather nice. I’m sure there must be something to compare them with, but I’m at a loss at the moment to think of it. But as choc filled caramels go, they’re fab.

  5. 5
    c on 1 Dec 2007 #

    are they more cadbury’s eclair or more inverse rolo?

  6. 6
    RobM on 1 Dec 2007 #

    Good God, you’re right – Cadburys Eclairs. That’s EXACTLY what they are like. Only slightly more sickly.

  7. 7
    Matt DC on 3 Dec 2007 #

    But chocolate yoghurt is great though!

    This, on the other hand, looks revolting.

  8. 8
    Charl & Jan on 27 Dec 2007 #

    Who Makes Fruit Tella!?!?

  9. 9
    angie on 21 Aug 2009 #


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